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With the advent of this new year, I plan to start a series of writings on Truths.  None of us can honestly represent anyone else's truths.  We can only represent our own understandings and try to be true to that which we individually come to recognize as the truth.  The truth of being - the truth of our relationship  to our own life and experience, our own actions and reactions, and our relationship to all being.

In actual fact we cannot be unfaithful to that which we are - for we accurately represent our true state of consciousness.  Our life circumstances are a pure set of symbols of where we are in the evolvement of our consciousness.  It cannot be otherwise.  If we would pretend to be something we are not, that in itself is a symbol of our inner dissatisfaction with what we are;  where we are in consciousness.

But that is not the beginning point for this series of truths.  That is just one of many conclusions; realized from a progressive sequence of truth  evolutions.  Our truths, our understandings, evolve as we go along - in whatever direction we choose to give our attention.  “As we seek we find.”   “As we believe, we become.”

I wish you the best in everything; now, for the year ahead, and for the rest of your life.

I sent this with my love
And blessings.

William E. Achor


ILLUSIONS -  If you have not read  :Illusions” by Richard Bach, I recommend that you do so.  It is one of my cherished Christmas gifts.  It is a story that will stretch the awareness of many.

THE  UNOBSTRUCTED  UNIVERSE - This book by Stewart E. White is not new.  It has been brought to mind several times lately and is particularly meaningful to any who are exploring for more understanding of this life after this life - and of our relationship to it.
January, 1978

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
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TRUTH IS RELATIVE - - AT OUR LEVEL OF EXISTENCE; at our state of awareness. "Truth" is not fixed, it is not concrete.  TRUTH IS THAT WHICH WE PERCEIVE TO BE TRUE.  What else can it be - for us as finite individuals?  That which is true to you may be meaningless to me; and my truths may be incomprehensible to you. And that is right; that is how it must be; for we are each in a different state of consciousness.

DO NOT TRY TO ACCEPT OR LIVE SOMEONE ELSE'S TRUTHS - and that includes my truths; so I shall merely present my truths for your consideration. Trying to live according to another's beliefs can only lead to confusion, or to the insecurity of dependency. "To thine own self be true." Be true to your own beliefs.

WE CANNOT PERCEIVE, RECEIVE INTO CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, ANY THOUGHT THAT IS BEYOND OUR OWN FRAMEWORK OF COMPREHENSION. It simply won't fit in - won't integrate into our thinking. Our "seeking" - our questioning - questing, serves to expand our "framework of comprehension", so that further understanding may be realized. So be tolerant in accepting that others may live by other truths; and explore the truths that others represent with an open mind. But accept only that which fits for you, that which "feels" right. Let your truths grow at their own pace. That which is still beyond comprehension will be stored in the unconscious and may come popping back to mind when, AND IF, it will fit into the jigsaw puzzle of evolving consciousness.

WE ARE CONTINUINGLY EXPOSED TO NEW LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES CONSISTENT WITH OUR OWN STATE OF CONSCIOUS BEING. New concepts, new patterns, new experiences, will continue to occur as we grow in understanding and these will be progressive in nature and will relate at the level of our evolvment. These are there to continually stretch our framework of comprehension and lead us to new understanding; if we will but allow it.

AS LONG AS YOU SUSPECT THAT THERE IS A GREATER TRUTH THAN THAT WHICH YOU NOW PERCEIVE; YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL FOR REALIZING A GREATER TRUTH. We need to be content with what we are - where we are - but not satisfied with it. This is the practice of patience; the practice of being grateful for what we have; while, at the same time, we seek to understand more. WHEN WE ARE SATISFIED THAT WE HAVE FOUND THE WHOLE TRUTH OF LIFE, OF PURPOSE, OF BEING: THEN WE STOP GROWING. Then there comes the tendency to become dogmatic, judgmental; until we get a kick in our circumstances that may get us moving again.

TRUTH, LIKE AWARENESS, LIKE LOVE, IS AN UNFOLDING, EXPANDING EXPERIENCE. I don't doubt that there is an Infinite Truth - but it lies far beyond the comprehension of finite mind. I suspect that the ultimate truth may be LOVE itself; pure, unadulterated, all-encompassing LOVE.   LOVE:   The media of all creation, the God Spirit that encompasses all that is.  Love, the third level, the spiritual level of law; for if every thought, every act proceeded out of pure love, there would be no need for any laws below that level; the physical and mental levels. LOVE reigns in truth.

The proper truth,  lovingly given,
               is easier to swallow
                          than a small truth harshly driven.

Truth is the secret of the ages,
            The wisdom of the sages.
Truth is the elixir of living;
           The base of all forgiving.
Truth is not created...it is found.
       unleashed, re-cognized, in thought profound.
In living your truth, is your purpose to be.
     Know the truth, and it shall set you free.

Without courage there cannot be truth, and without truth  there can be no other virtue. .... Sir Walter Scott

Beauty is truth, truth beauty, - that is all Ye know on earth, and all Ye need to know. . . . . . John Keats.

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