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1980   Issue  #  1  January

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friends:

You have begun a new year,  and , a new decade  -  the 80’s.   It is our wish to you,  and for you ,  from S. O. S.  that these  shall be wonderful  years of enlightenment, abundance, and fulfillment.  We wish for you joy,  harmany ,  and peace in all that you do.

At this time I want to talk a bit about some basic phenomena of metaphysics  -  the  “paranormal”  -  the “extra-sensory.”   the considerations I present here are not new;  so for you this may be in the nature of a review.

First of all,  what do we mean by   “metaphysics?”    “Meta”   is Greek for with or after.   So metaphysics is that which is  beyond   the  recognized  physical existences but coexistent with the physical.   “Phenomena”  is plural of phenomenon which comes from the Latin word meaning appearance. Phenomenon means: A fact, event, or circumstance that can be perceived through the senses.   “Extra-sensory  perception”   (ESP)  refers to phenomena which are perceived in mind as though they came through the five physical senses but which do not occur through the physical senses or are a new and different use of these sensory organs.  Examples are: Seeing an aura  -  which is not observed directly by the physical eye.   Feeling a touch or a presence that does not appear to be physically there; or feeling colors or written words by touch rather than through the physical eyes. Hearing sounds or a voice when there is no apparent physical source.   Another ESP phenomenon is Clairvoyance,  which is the observation or experiencing of an occurence which is taking place in a time and space apart from that occupied by the physical server; either taken place in a remote location or in a different time  -  past or future. Perceiving a future occurrence is called precognition.

“Paranormal”  consists of  “para”  meaning alongside,  near,  beyond and is from the Greek meaning: beside,  “NORMAL”  means to conform were certain rules or established standards.  So paranormal phenomena are those which occur alongside, or parallel to the recognized  “normal” occurrences. These things called paranormal are not really abnormal. They simply conform to natural laws of behavior that are not yet recognized in the overall human concept or of what is normal. I am told that just a few centuries back the color blue was not perceived by the human eye.   The capacity to  “see”  blue came about with the modern age. Obviously, those who first perceived blue were experiencing a supernatural or paranormal phenomena based on the  “normal”  of that era.  Now it is normal to see blue. Many people in the present age can perceive auras.   Although auras are a perfectly natural phenomenon, since the overall majority of people do not see auras, they are considered extra-sensory. As humanity evolves, and the ability to see auras is common to the majority, auras will then be recognized as a  “normal” phenomenon of the natural sense of sight.

The same is true of mental telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis (mind over matter - the ability of the mind to influence physical objects.) and other psychic or mystical capacities that are still rejected outright as hoaxes, imagination, or labeled  “the work of the devil,” or at best ascribed as paranormal or supernatural phenomena. There are, of course hoaxes (pretended or simulated metaphysical phenomena and there are those who imagine things they do not experience. Also there are psychic phenomena that are  “of the devil”  - in that they are used with destructive motivations.

Just as electricity or mental aggressiveness can be used constructively or destructively; so can the psychic forces and psychic abilities be used in the way. The use of psychic abilities control or destroy another person  (voodoo) comes from destructive motivations. These then are  “Satanic” or  “of the devil.”

Psychic phenomenon means phenomena which is outside the known laws of physics. A   “Psychic” is a person able to work with some of these psychic activities.

Mystic refers to the secret or hidden laws of nature and their divine purposes. A  “Mystic”  is one who understands and works and harmony with the whole body of these mystical truths.

Psychic abilities, psychic forces may be used to create harmony, or disharmony; to generate peace or chaos; to bring understanding or confusion; to build or to destroy. A  “Mystic”  is one who has evolved spiritually and has progressed far beyond the psychic capacities.  The Mystic has ALL the psychic capacities but will not use them in any destructive manner. A Mystic will never attempt to control another individual nor usurp that individual’s God given freedom of choice. He will never impose his will on another. He operates from a motivation of love. He would never seek power or dominance over another but he knows his dominion over the earth forces and over all the birds and beasts of the earth as given by God  (Genesis 1:28 cloves) and used that dominance constructively, harmoniously and wisely.

Precognition occurs more frequently than generally believed. Precognition may be entirely accurate, it may be partially accurate, or it may prove to be mostly incorrect. Precognition may occur by intuitions, dreams, visions, symbologies, or as an inner voice communication. It may be precise in nature, or general. If in symbologies, as often occurs in dreams or visions, the meaning is subject to the accuracy of its interpretation.

I will pursue these matters further and my later letters, but for now, I just want to say, that precognition is a natural extension of the physical senses. When driving a busy city freeway, you may see far enough ahead to become aware of a traffic jam coming up. You may then change lanes or get off the freeway entirely to bypass the trouble and the probable delay  “foreseen.” If you are unattentive, or ignore the warning, or simply accept that you have to stay in your lane, you will then experience the jam you foresaw. The ESP a psychic precognition is a natural extension of the sensory capabilities and serves the same purpose. If you will be attentive; and are alert to change the developing pattern,  then the experience forseen through psychic precognition can be modified or avoided entirely. That is the purpose of most psychic precognition  -  to help you prepare for what’s coming or to change the direction of your thoughts, and, in so doing, alter the experience that it may be more harmonious and constructive than the probability you’ve foreseen.

Precognition can also show you what may be achieved. Then the attention is required toward holding to the patterns of your ideals and principles to bring the  “foreseen” and to physical experience.

I’m convinced we all have these precognitive capacities in varying degrees but like peripheral vision, most people have not learned to be attentive to this natural capability and have not developed it.

You may realize greater awareness and happier more fulfilling experiences by being more attentive to your subtle sensitivities and by being alert to put your ideals and awarenesses is into your activities  -  no matter what your current status may be.

My love and blessings are with you, 
William E. Achor