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Issue  # 2, 1982 June

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

The basic message I am including with this letter (see page 3) is one that was received by Barbara Mijou from an extra-sensory source.  This is not done by “automatic writing”; which permits  a non-physical entity to take over the control system of the mind and body to do the writing.  This message was received through “psychic  transcribing”; where a non-physical entity is in thought contact with the writer who then writes down the message as it is given - including punctuations and capitalizing of letters and words.  When Barbara finished transcribing this message, and she asked if he wanted to “sign it” (identify himself as author).   His reply was,  “Who I am is not important”.  (The implication was that it was the message that mattered - not the recognition of the author.)

The message is indeed what matters; and this message is a beautiful expression of our true God nature and of the illusions that block our recognition of our true being.

This message is so much a part of that which I would wish to encompass in myself and which I would wish to share with you in understanding; that I shall add but little of my own authorship.

I send you these words, therefore, with my deepest love and blessings; that we may share in consciousness the Wholeness,  the Oneness, which they represent.

I love you.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor

God does not “good” or “evil”.  In God there is simply the Wholeness of Being.  “Man”; through his unwarranted fears and greeds,  through the illusions of his beliefs and understandings, creates the concepts and subsequently the experiences of good and evil.
If we, even as God, could perceive everything, every person, every act, from the perspective of unconditional love and acceptance, we would not experience the disharmony of judgment as to “goodness” and “badness”  -  either from others or from ourselves. If we truly express the quality and the conviction of pure Love in our every thought and action  (both in our “yeas” and our “nays”); we would know harmony rather than disharmony; peace rather than confusion, and would know the joy of our Being. We can but practice: try, and miss, correct, and try again. This is simply the process of our learning and even in that process that can be joy and harmony  - if we will just see it.

   - W. E. A.

Walk softly
Walk softly through this world;
Leave no impression on the grass.
Make your way amongst the stars
‘Til you’re home with God at last.  -

  - Molly Mac -

(I like this little verse and the depth of meanings underlying its simplicity. We are grateful to Molly, one of our S.O.S. family, for sharing it.)  W. E. A.

The high-lights of your lives are registered and remain with you and are carried through into the inner realm. All that is good and worthy is held; all that is not, dissolves away. For the Father  holds nothing against you - only your brother in ignorance does that.
All that is Christ-like is held, but all that has no power of its own must dissolve away, because it is only sustained by the illusion of the senses.

(Quoted from: Divine Healing of Mind and Body;
by  Murdo McDonald-Bayne)

This extra-sensory message was physically transcribed by Barbara Mijou  April 26, 1982:

All that man brings forth shall not die except hatred and greed, paintfullness and agony, lust for that which cannot or will not come to pass. All that man brings forth in wisdom shall live on, benefiting all that passed through this mortal existence. For man is above that which be sees himself to be upon the Earth. He shall bear the fruit of his graciousness brought forth in peace and amenities for all. There will be no true loss in the changing times for man lives on in soul and in the vision of Earth. That which he clings to of worldly nature will be unimportant in the times to come. That does not mean that inventions and creations of beauty will also perish, for it  will always be again for man to fulfill his creative destiny in myriads of experience and beauty. The days to come will bring forth all that man may imagine both “good” and “evil”, but the time is short that unlearnedness prevails and as the human spirit finds the new road to true freedom from his false feelings, he will rise to great heights, and joy will be his experience. We talk of years to come when each chooses to follow over physically into the new world or to wait until a later time.  Many courageous souls will “survive” the changes as they gradually prepare selves and others for the new life. Your planet has all that it has ever needed and will again expressed that which is its nature. There should be no fear, fall loss will be nonexistent. Barriers imagined today will cease to be experienced. Life will be full. Happiness will present itself to more of mankind for kindness will be given and returned.

Where will you be when this is coming about? Know where different than you are today unless you accept to identify your present illusions, for each have their own illusion they are reluctant to  “give up”.  All are differing in this aspect which is why so often it seems each has separate ideas.  It is not the idea that is separate but the differing aspects of the very same illusion.  Would you feel hurt, less individual, if you knew that all on the planet today share the same illusion expressed in differing ways. To be the true God-individual is to relinquish all ideas to the contrary and they are multitude in your eyes, yet it is but one  -  the idea that you are not God and not able to do as God does is that idea. The alternative: to express the God within, the God that you are, the love that is the energy of life  -  this is the ideal to be expressed. To think yourself incapable of such love is to fool yourself as though that gave you an excuse to stop trying or to  allow your outer self to indulge in its own illusion. For the inner self, that which says “I”, is a part of God, nothing less. It is not wrong to engage one’s thoughts and creativity in the physical world for you choose your sojourn here, but use it to benefit those who share this space with you, never to harm or down-grade them, for this physical life is as much “your life” as is the spiritual life. They are all a part of the Oneness that is God and You.
If a man speaks fourth, it is of the NOW that is the FUTURE, as NOW is also a culmination of the past and therefore is the PAST as well.

If you wish your planet, your world, well, then do it only kindness NOW in all its entirety.  Allow it its soul being and its expression of  itself.  The changes it creates are its expression of life. Join it in its Spring to come as it unfolds a new life for all to experience. Look not forward with fright of fear at world changes for they are the part of balance which also gives You life. All are one. It is only when one is trying to save his own illusion that these changes seem devastating. Give them up, and release the illusion, and the earth shines forth and great brilliance, a jewel unmeasured amidst an eternal universe of magnificence. All life, all wind and stars, all mountains and valley streams, trees of girth and stature, plants who kiss the earth with their boughs, species of animal life miraculous in their diversity; and Man. - He who has dominion, how can he fear? Will not his emotions express respect and compassion with love for all that abides upon this Earth? Is this not  the life you truly seek?  The way to PEACE?  To express God?

May each that cometh along the path of wisdom be greeted and helped along by others upon the path, each at his own speed, with acceptance, and encouragement, and most of all, LOVE   (in its esoteric sense).

Allow yourselves to bask in the new earth changing each moment, see it new each moment and you become a part of it, all ways NOW with the physical world you came into being upon.

Let the sunrise of your self match the sunrise of the earth and your awareness that all is one will be fulfilled.

Unto all who ARE, we are as One.