Live Life Positively

Today as I woke up a beautiful message
Came to me. That message was this,
“Choose To Live Life Positively.”
~ * ~
Now, I thought that is great.
For our mind is our
Beginning action of life.
~ * ~
A well-known saying came to me also.
“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”
And I know God wants me to live life,
And to live it abundantly.
~ * ~
I dressed quickly, and walked out my door.
The day filled with beauty everywhere.
Birds were singing, a slight breeze was blowing.
~ * ~
Walking brought me such a peace,
Though I know that peace comes from
Being lined up with God’s will.
Thank you God for loving me!
~ * ~
As I walked I also started my daily
Prayers for those I love.
And let us not forget to pray for those
Who seem to hurt us most often.
~ * ~
And the Lord reminded me of an important
Fact. “He, as the great physician came
To heal the low of mind, sick and dying,
Not those who were healthy and happy.”
~ * ~
As I rounded the corner of my street
I thought, “Well I made it around
The two mile square again.”
Slowly I climbed the hill to my home.
~ * ~
A sweet fragrance filled the air. I smiled.
The day’s sunshine was getting warmer.
My hand reached for the front door.
I voiced, “thank you for a safe walk Jesus.”
~ * ~
I ascended the stairs and opened my door.
My cat “Velcro” greeted me gratefully.
I picked her up.
~ * ~
The thought came of how gracious
The Lord was for allowing me
To have such a faithful pet. I said
Thank you Jesus for loving me!
~ * ~
Then I sat in my recliner and started
My daily quiet time with the Lord.
He said, “well done my good and
Faithful servant.” Amen
~ * ~
Created by God,
and Bobbie Wilson,
July 31, 2004
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