Dedicated To The Men Who Lost Their Lives
              Captain: Frank Manning
              Engineer: Roger Smith
              Cook: Bob Hickman
              Crew: Herman Drake
              Crew: Ed Kelly
              Crew: Lawrence Kirk
              Crew: Bob St. Clair ( My grandfather )
              Crew: Lowell Day
              Crew: Howard Anderson
                    November 20, 1939
To The Crew of the Madeline Flora

Locked away in the heart of the ocean
Where the storms beat o'er its crest
Where the sea birds sing a requiem
This many brave men rest
But away in the arms of the Master

Far away in the home of the soul,
Their spirits find peace so deserving,
Where the waves of eternity roll.
Could they speak they would whisper
Sweet peace to the hearts filled with pain
And faith to go on believing
Though dead, they liveth again.
Strength to know they are going
Away to a heavenly clime,
But opened the door of welcome
To others coming some time.
In that promise comes blessed comfort
Sweeter than words of a psalm,
That after the rain comes sunshine,
After the storm, the calm.
There’s a breath of benediction
In the quiet roll of the deep,
For the Father stays ever near us

When He giveth his loved ones sleep.

~written by Margaret Ewell~
Spruce Head

Madeline & Flora
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March 27, 2012