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1980   Issue  #  2  March

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

(1980 Annual Membership Meeting)
                                                                                                                                           Science of Spirituality, Inc.

I am happy you were here, and I am grateful for the chance to share with you in this meeting.  It seems particularly appropriate to share with you a message that came to me in January of this year.  This message was received during a meditation and was given to clarify the purposes of S. 0. S. , the nature of the  S. O. S. organization, and to advise me regarding the unobservable progress of our activities during 1979.  This message is far more significant  -  more meaningful than any operational statistics that I might give you.

I was told that the primary function of S.O.S. is to provide a spiritual healing retreat in consciousness; not in the physical.    S. O. S.   IS AND ORGANIZATION IN CONSCIOUSNESS. There may be a physical place, a physical retreat, in the future, but it is not for us to program it or to make it happen. The operating staff of this S. O. S. organization consists of those who are truly in unity with our work, those who are in tune with our true purpose  . . . and many of these are not even in the physical realm of existence.

The spiritual retreat that we are providing is one of peace, love, forgiveness and freedom, and it is fashioned in the realms beyond  the physical  -It is an atmosphere, a  group consciousness, of harmony and light and healing. It is a retreat that any can come to, or be brought to, in awareness, in consciousness, no matter where the person may reside and from whatever realm of being the person may be in. Our activities in this here-and-now earth realm are a part of the whole, and it is up to us here to do our part.

Anyway, that January meditation was concluded with an assurance that S. O. S. Is doing very well, that we are accomplishing our spiritual channel purposes, and that we are growing, individually and collectively, and that I need not be concerned by any  “physical appearances”.

It was a relief to be freed from a human doubt  -  wondering if I was doing something inadequately  - since no spiritual retreat was coming into the picture in physical existence. It also was awesome! To become aware of the activities, communications, the unity and the scope of this S. O. S. ORGANIZATION that is not  “seen”, that is not perceived through the physical senses. And you are each a part of it!   In the realms of consciousness and Spirit.

I feel that this message from meditation is the true message I am to give you as members of S. O. S.; but I suppose I should talk about the more mundane aspects of S. O. S. as well.

We are questioned sometimes as to why we do not do more to promote our S. O. S. activities,  and why we do not engage in any fund raising programs. I wish to remind you of the direct and specific spiritual guidance I was given when I began this activity: We are to accept whatever exposure is opened to us and participate in that.  Beyond that we are to teach, communicate with, and counsel with those who are guided to us. We are not to solicit participation in S. O. S. activities and services in any way.

Our growth comes through personal referrals from those who receive our mailings and those who are a part of our activities. We also have expanded as a result of exposure in our participations with Polk Community College in their Parapsychology classes and lectures. Spirit really opened the door for us there!

Our membership has increased 58%, from 24 a year ago to 38 members today. Our mailing list has grown 25%, to approximately 150 recipients, from less than 120 a year ago. We are grateful for this increase in members and participants. Finances will be covered in the Treasurer’s report; so I will simply mention here that for 1979 our direct expenses were greater than our income. It was no big thing and contributions since the first of this year have offset a good part of that deficit. We still have abundance; all that we need when we need it.

I thank you for being with us, for your spiritual support, for simply being you. We truly have God’s blessings.

Thank you!

William E. Achor