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Issue  #2, 1981 March

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

My letter to you this time is mostly devoted to an exclamation of enclosures. The  President’s  Message, which I presented at the fourth annual membership meeting, is self   explanatory; and has been included for all. (The minutes of the 1981 Membership Meeting is enclosed for S. O. S. members.)

The writings,  A  Prayer Of   Awareness ,  and Harold Sherman’s poem, What  God   Is   To Me;  justify some explanation.  They were not consciously authored.

You are probably all aware of the phenomenon known as  “automatic writing”. This is a process where the individual sits with pencil in hand and waits for movement.  The movement is not consciously directed; much in the same manner as with the Ouiji board.  I feel inclined to cautioned people against experimenting with such phenomena.  It is my belief that the automatic writer  (or Ouiji board participant) is permitting an entity from an invisible realm to went to the consciousness and take over control of the mind and the motor systems of the body to accomplish the writing.  There are plenty of discarnate entities who are willing and anxious to find such channels for their expressing.  Those who are closest to the earth are the easiest to contact  (“familiar spirits”)  and they are generally the least desirable to contact. They may be simply misleading, but at worst, may not relinquish their control and they subsequently  “possess”  the body.  I personally know people who have had some scary and some truly horrifying experiences with this.  Before going on:  I do want to recognize that some very beautiful material and understanding has been received by a few  via automatic writing.  They are the fortunate; a lot depends on the true inner motivation and spiritual attunement as to the nature of the entity contacted.

In the words of Gerald Knott,  President of the  Crawley Psychic Center in  West Sussex, England: “People do not change when they die. They are exactly the same five minutes after they pass over as they were five minutes before. If you would not have followed their advice when they were alive, you should be wary of doing so when they are no longer alive.”     (Parapsychology Review, Sept - Oct , 1980)

Discarnate entities are human beings who no longer have a physical body.  They may, or may not have gained greater awareness and understanding since departing from this physical realm. Their attitudes, their desires and their guidance are likely to be very similar to that which they demonstrated in their physical living; not much better and not much worse. Those who were seeking greater Truths and awareness while in the physical were the more evolved before death, and are the ones who will most likely have evolved more since leaving the physical.  Their search for greater awareness has continued and they are more open to receive.        (All who seek shall find  -  Matt. 7:9).

There is another phenomenon, however, which I call  “ Psychic Transcribing “ :  Writing out thoughts telepathically dictated through communication with a              non-incarnate entity.  (A non-incarnate entity, may be an entity who has experienced previous incarnate existence and is now discarnate, or it may be a spiritual entity, an angel, who has never incarnated in the physical.  Psychic Transcribing may also be a contact with our own unconscious self, or our superconscious self; the Kingdom within.)  Psychic transcribing consists of receiving thoughts and simply writing down the thoughts as they are given. There is no “taking over”  or  “control”   involved in this. It is therefore of less interest to those in the lower psychic realms and subsequently the contacts are more likely to be with the more evolved discarnate entities.

In psychic transcribing, also, the motivations need to be kept pure. Another of our local members  (not the Transcriber of A Prayer Of Awareness)  has received a great deal of material in this matter. She was misguided in at least one instance when her purpose strayed. The results, fortunately, were only embarrassing; and she learned to be more discriminating in her contacts.
Psychic transcribing cannot be imposed; the contact can be broken by the individual doing the receiving, if the material is objectionable. The Transcriber is aware of the thoughts and is personally doing the writing. If the Transcriber thinks a question, about that being received; the question is usually answered.

One sure indicator of the difference between automatic writing and transcribing; is the handwriting. In transcribing, the handwriting is always that of the Transcriber  -  though the choice of words and even the spelling are not. In automatic writing, the person often does not know, until later, what was written, and the handwriting itself will be uniquely different; reflecting more specifically the character of the entity in  “control”.

I hope you enjoy the beauty, the depth, and the guidance of these Transcriptions as much as I do.

My love and my blessings of with you.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
S. O. S., Minister            

A   Prayer  Of  Awareness  ( page 4 )  was physically transcribed by one of our local members,  Barbara  Mijou.   Barbara felt that the message was to be shared with our S. O. S.  group;  and we are grateful to her for sharing it.

What   God   Is   To Me   ( below ) was similarly received by Harold Sherman, also a member of S. O. S., and is reprinted here with his permission. We are also grateful to him for sharing this material. Mr. Sherman wrote that this  “ came  to me  in the night”, and that he awakened his wife to write it down and he dictated it . . .         “as fast as she could write”.


God is not A person  -  that much I surely know
And yet, I feel His Presence wherever I may go. 
He speaks to me in wordless ways
Throughout my nights and all my days;
He guides me when my steps are slow
And He shows me what I need to know.
I’ve learned to listen when in doubt !
And often make a turn - about
From things I started out to do
That I might later come to rue.
I don’t see God - but no He’s there,
As close to me as breath of air;
He lets me make my own mind up
And never tries to interrupt!
So my mistakes can help me grow
And from them, sometimes, blessings flow.
When things go wrong, myself I blame,
For God gives all to be I need
If His wise laws I only heed  -
Provided for my care with Love
To prove it’s me He’s thinking of.
How thankful each of us should be
That God has Set our spirits free -
So we can strive to reach our goals
And, in this way, evolve our Souls.
-  Harold Sherman


The guidance of being  -  honor thy commitments to those for whom you have affection in this life. Do unto others is still the guiding light.

To find time, thou must also find space for these items to be sorted. The   “business”  shall flourish if thou shalt continue to be guided with love and integritous purpose. For God so loved his creations that all about Him shall and will enjoy and experience the very perfection He doth create in each moment. For there is no failure or fear in the presence of our Father and Almighty God, who guideth our steps on any path.  Grandiose endeavors may not be, but  “profitable”  and enjoyable steps are present even unto each moment of this or any existence.

For unto all is offered the magnificent gift of life to be enjoyed. For dost thou not have great bounty surrounding thyself  -  all bounty without purchase or responsibility. Does not the sun shine and provide warmth regardless of thy desires or endeavors? Is not this a gift unsought by conscious effort?  Are not the rains bestowed upon all regardless of their virtue or pain? Is not the pulse that beats within thy breast a a treasure without quest? Can you not see the blessings so generously given, to be done with as each person sees fit. Must your goals match those of another? Can they not be endeavored upon with thy own individuality?   Is not thy very soul within understanding? For with each are not ALL things possible? Cannot the outer self be quieted so thy soul may bring forth its essence? That which provides our sustenance is the Whole. Why must each try to fragment its way? Allow the Whole TO BE. For within and without is perfect. In appreciation of such as this thought, or idea if you will, is peace, bounty, happiness.

Unto our Father is all Grace, offered upon us; His very Being. Thanks be for all, as we turn ourselves to this Source of all which creates and is created  -  a part of us from which our separation is but a false illusion. With absolute respect, do we give thanks unto Almighty God.

Author Unknown
February 17, 1981

( 1981  Annual  Membership  Meeting ) 
Science of  Spirituality,   Inc.

I am pleased to welcome you to the fourth Annual  Membership  of  S. O. S.  I am happy that you can be here with us.

A year ago, when we met for the membership meeting, there had just been a revelation as to the true spiritual nature and purpose of our organization;  which we, here in this realm of its existence, identify as  S. O. S., or  Science  of  Spirituality.  I couldn’t help but wonder then; what future experiences could equal, or come close to  that experience in awareness.  And now, again, in January, just about a year after experiencing the mystical scope of  S. O. S.;  we had the experience of the vast Divine healing. This was followed by the  “caution”.  Both were covered in our February 1981 mailing. Another revelation in awareness has sense followed that. A new depth In the understanding of God’s Kingdom within. I will be writing of this at a later time, but the heart of it was:  Accept  ALL  thoughtsALL  awarenesses  WITHIN our  consciousness  -  WITH LOVE.  Neither condone, nor condemn these; no emotional attachment  -  just LOVING ACCEPTANCE!  All things, all thought is in God; for God is  all that is.  God does not reject anything; for he would be denying a part of  His Self. Likewise, any awareness that we would eject or reject from our consciousness is a denial of a part of our Self  - God  Self.

There have been many beautiful experiences.  Hazel, also, it’s has had her share of wondrous experiences, of expansions in awareness, in this past year.  So, too, have others who have participated in our S. O. S.  Consciousness. We have received numerous letters expressing  “miraculous”  events and experiences of Wholeness; and we are truly thankful.  These experiences represent the true success of S. O. S. in the past year. The successes in the S. O. S. Consciousness continue to grow and unfold, and we are grateful to all who share in its fulfillment.

A part of our sharing was with a flow of visitors during the past year. There was only one month last year in which we didn’t host guests at one time or another; guests who shared in our living and in our  S. O. S. activities. That worked out perfectly, for in that one open month we had numerous occasions to go to Orlando, and to meet and talk to groups in other parts of Florida. Three of our guests became  “speakers” during their visit here. Carol Sue Kluck and her husband Ray were here from California in February. Carol Sue spoke to our group and also to the Parapsychology class at Polk Community College. In April Aron and Doris Aberhamsen from Washington State were with us. We arranged for Aron to speak at the college on Earth Changes as derived from his Akashic Record readings. In June, Faye Hanson, also from California, spent a couple of days with us, spoke to our group, and brought us a new perspective on the use of Hypnosis. We enjoyed and appreciated all of the beautiful sharing we had with all of our guests during 1980.

In a more tangible vein; Hazel and I have expanded our capacities for service to our fellow man during 1980. We took a class in Self Help Acupressure, a class in Relaxation, and completed a course in Scientific Hypnosis. We have also participated in the Parapsychology Class at Polk Community College; in both the spring and the fall sessions. I was also interviewed on a TV talk show in Orlando. We also became more active in using Touch For Health during the past year.

Counseling by mail continues to be a consistent activity. We have, however, experienced a considerable increase in personal counseling activities during the past year. We are grateful in this, too, for the responses we have witnessed in this field of activity.  Hypno-therapy has become a part in some of these counselings as it contributes to  alleviation of pain and stress and a rapidity of healing; both in the mental in the physical expressions.

In financial terms, S. O. S. is still an infant. But that was covered in the Financial Report, so I won’t go into it here.  S. O. S. is growing gradually, in time, but not in space. We really could use more space . . . to better serve those who attend our activities.   If it is to be; it shall be.  The possible means of its happening are beyond our grasp     . . . we are working on faith.

Our membership is now at 57, up from 38 a year ago.    Our mailing list now numbers about 190;  as compared to 150 a year back.

We are glad to have new members and new participants in the activities and the mailings.  Our service is entirely by communications, in one way or another. So the more people we communicate with, the greater is our opportunity to be of service, to help people find more harmony in their living.

Thank you for being here today. Thank you for your support; and thank you for being a part of us.

William E. Achor
President,  S. O. S. Will