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March 14, 1982

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

March 14th, 1982
1982 Annual Membership Meeting
Science of Spirituality, Inc. 

I welcome each of you to this S.O.S. home for our fifth annual Science of Spirituality membership meeting.

I have been increasingly aware that the transition into each new year, since the inception of S.O.S.,  has been marked by extraordinary experiences, both in my own personal awareness, and in the broader consciousness of  S.O.S.

The first year, late in 1976 and early in 1977, I began the activities of  S.O.S. and it was then, in February, that we received our state charter. That represented a major advent in my life commitment and in the initiation of the S.O.S. consciousness.

Late in 1977 there were two “extraordinary” experiences in awareness. The one experience which I called, “The Relativity of Infinity” was published as the February mailing (after I had been spiritually blocked from mailing the January issue on Truths). There were some inner struggles in that period, too, but the other beautiful experience was spending an hour or more in the rose gold consciousness of Christ Love. Both were transcendental experiences and were awesome beyond any words of description. The inner struggles at the beginning of 1978 were deep and dark; a dark-night-of-the-soul time, a time in which to simply “keep on keeping on”. From that their blossomed in the inner new awareness. I didn’t write of that experience until October, 1978 when I told you of the “inner-G reservoir” and how it works.
Then, in December 1978 in January 1979, came the attacks from negative groups of consciousness and a transcendent experience into the realm of patterns and the realm of group consciousness; and the meeting
with Archangel Michael. This was followed by the awareness of how these patents were affecting our experiences through people who were helping to get free of these groups. I was shown how love dissolved the possessive tentacles of these group consciousness attachments. These experiences were never specifically covered in any of the mailings, but the import of the experiences were reflected in many of my messages throughout 1979 and 1980.

In January, 1980, the true Spiritual nature and purpose of the S.O.S. organization was revealed to me: the fact that S.O.S. is a spiritual retreat in consciousness to which entities may come from all the realms. This new awareness was presented in my report to the membership at the annual meeting that year and was sent to all who were on our mailing list at that time.

And last year, in January, we, the Tuesday night group of S.O.S., were included in a Divine Healing action that altered the nature of the manifest universes at many levels. We cannot comprehend the magnitude of the that which transpired in God’s Kingdoms. And that was the basis for my report last year. This, too, was sent to all on our mailing list.

This year has been different. There has not been a singular transcendent experience with the turn of the calendar; at least none that I am consciously aware of. Spirit did provide us with this S.O.S. home and filled it with Divine Presence. That was and is a beautiful experience, but it started earlier; in October of last year. Since then they have been periods filled with an expansive sense of anticipation. Perhaps there has been some special conception in the inner planes that has not yet come to recognition. There has also been growing periods; times of doubt and darkness; and there has been awesome Spiritual transformations in the lives of some people who were led here to share the S.O.S. consciousness and to “receive” from this channel of God Presence.  For these individual’s; there has been singular transcendent experiences. There also has been some “heavy” individual experiences, drastic growth opportunities, due to confrontations with a possessive group consciousness. Perhaps that is the pattern for now: individual enlightenments and growths, rather than an obvious collective awareness in new understandings. Each individual growth is, after all, a growth of the Whole.

SOS membership and activities have grown during the past year (membership has nearly doubled) and we are grateful for the increase in the size of our family. There is one of the new “first” for S.O.S.: a meditation group has been formed in Missouri by Barbara Midgley, and S.O.S. member, and they have asked to be recognized as an S.O.S. group. We have acknowledged them, and now we have to decide how we are to handle, and work with, this and other potential satellite groups. That’s one thing your new Board of Directors will be working on in the months ahead.

I have received a couple of specific personal warnings: (1) Do not be impressed by numbers: and (2) Beware (be aware) of flattery.

I shall try to stay off of pedestals, and to be as true a channel as I can be for that which I represent: Christ, Infinite God presence, Love; through the consciousness of S.O.S.

We, S.O.S, is to serve, equally, all who are led to us by Spirit. We are to help without judging; guide without directing, and, love, with limitless patience. We are to receive without soliciting, plan without programming and be willing to move as Spirit guides us. I cannot give you a program for S.O.S. in the year ahead except to say we will follow these guidelines as purely as we are able.

I love you all. Thank you for being with us; for being a part of us.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor