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March, 1983

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

1983 Annual Membership Meeting
Science of Spirituality, Inc.

Welcome to the sixth annual membership meeting of S.O.S.

I want to start by thanking you, all of you, for the support you have given; not just to me  - but more specifically to S.O.S.and its functions. I am speaking primarily of your moral support; your support of our principles, of our activities, of the very consciousness of  S.O.S. I'm not belittling your money and material contributions in any way; these have been a essential to our continued physical functioning in the S.O.S. activities; and these are gratefully appreciated. I do thank you, too, for your personal support. I thank you for your support in all the various ways that that support manifest.

1982 has been a year of tests and of changes. S.O.S. activities have increased considerably and local functions, and has decreased significantly in long distance communications. There has been far less contact with our members and friends who are remote to the Winter Haven area. This is largely due to the present financial circumstances; coupled with the greater amount of time consumed in serving these local functions.

There has been a lot more personal therapy work: through counseling, hypnosis, Touch For Health and meditation. There have also been more classes; including for the first time, a class in S.O.S. principles and a class in Dream Interpretation. These two classes ran concurrently for three months or more. And there has been, also, the teaching for Polk Community College. Two regular credit courses in Relaxation in each the Spring and Fall Terms, plus a six week class in Holistic Health and another in Parapsychology. These PCC classes are an integral part of my purpose in being here and provided yet another channel through which to bring a greater awareness of Life, Love and Wholeness (God) to a large number of people. All of these activities have been extremely rewarding as I witness the dramatic improvements in the lives of those who have gained from these participations.

I am truly grateful for these channels of service, and grateful that I am able to be a more personal channel of help to those who are led to me. And I am grateful for you, and for the S.O.S. consciousness that supports me and supports these activities. I hope it will soon be possible to resume the printed messages to the mailing list, but I accept the guidance of Spirit as to the direction in which my energies are to be used.

Again, I thank you for being a part of S.O.S.

I love you all.

William E. Achor, Pres.
March 13, 1983