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1980  Issue  #  3 May

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend :
Once again I come to you in love, God’s channel all of Infinite Blessings for each of us.

Many questions have come my way in recent weeks regarding death,  death experiences,  and life beyond death.  So often death is considered to be a morbid subject, something   not    to talk about,  something from which we need to shield our loved ones.  How much more harmonious it would be, if we could but recognize that death is another step in the process of living,  a natural and necessary step in our soul’s  progress of life  -  a natural and necessary step in our soul’s progress  of life space space-in eternal life.  It might be compared to entering school for the first time, like going away to college, and like leaving our family home to start our independent life. Each of these changes is a metamorphosis in the progression of our earth life.  These steps in living are very traumatic experiences for many children; those who have been closely bound to their home, to their family dependency; or who have been shielded from the growth of independency; or who have been shielded from their growth or of independence, sheltered from responsibility and from the natural life changes.  With each of these transitions, the former self dies, although the characteristics are carried on, the individual is the same,  but with new freedoms and responsibilities.  If we had been taught of death as a natural release from a particular limited existence;  if we were taught to expect  it as a freeing experience;  then that is what it would be.  Then perhaps we would not fear this experience or transition and would not then pass this fear along to our loved ones.   Then all of us would find this transition to be an easier and more peaceful experience.   I believe that!

The material presented in this mailing is lengthy for a message letter. At that, it is only selected excerpts from the many thoughts I have expressed and recorded on the subject.   Many of our recipients may prefer to not pursue this subject further;  therefore, I have chosen not to do a series of messages to cover this subject more completely,  but have instead decided to put this material together into a booklet which will be made available to everyone on a request basis.

My love and blessings reach out to you and enfold you.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world.
The Master calls a butterfly.” 
(from Illusions, by Richard Bach)

When I first started to practice healing meditation  “treatments” several years ago,  I had included in my prayer list a man who was a close associate where I worked as an engineer.   He had just taken medical retirement as a terminal cancer patient. I was praying for his recovery.  One night,  after a few days of my   “treatments”, he appeared before me in my meditation.  He looked much younger, happier, and vibrantly alive. He was totally free!  The caterpillar self was gone. The deep wrinkles of human burdens and pain were no longer there.  He was his butterfly self.

I was given to understand then in that meditation, that PHYSICAL DEATH IS ALSO A HEALING.  I knew that he would soon be complete  -  just as he appeared to me than;  and I knew this was not to be in the physical,  but after he left the physical.  I understood also, that the cancer was his soul choice, and a karmric need,  for his process of transition,  for physical death  -  and that it was time for him to go on.  There was a deep sense of peace and of blessing as I understood more profoundly in communion with him,  the true continuity of living.

I did not need to see him again, but neither did I remove him from my prayer list.   Now my meditation prayers were for his release  . . .  Release from the physical body that he was ready to leave,  and release in the hearts of family members who might unknowingly be  holding him in physical existence through clinging to past memories,  hoping to capture again the patterns of the earlier days.  There was also the thought that surely his family and friends would release him gladly . . . if they could only know how joyful and free he was to be.   So I included them in my meditations, too.  In a few short weeks he made his transition.   I felt fulfilled and warm knowing he was now as I had seen him during my meditation and I felt that his family, too, sensed that he was alive and at peace.

I knew, with deep gratitude, that in some way my channel of attunement had helped,  and also that this experience was given to expand my understanding in the infinite and wondrous nature and activity of God; and was specifically a part of my preparation and training for my life’s work.

The Bible tells us that we should rejoice in death,  and fully we should,  for beyond death our loved ones may fly free . . . freer than the butterfly, for that is still a metamorphosis in physical existence; nevertheless,  it contains a beautiful analogy.  The entity of the butterfly leaves its slow, earthbound prison and flies for in the comparative freedom of the breeze and sky. For man, too, there is a release, there is a freedom gained in the metamorphosis from the slower physical body, the realm of our caterpillar self.   And our being,  as the butterfly, flies  freer, released from the physical trappings.

I wish to clarify here that I do not pray specifically for the transition of an individual from the earth realm unless I have received very direct and spiritual guidance.  Neither do I specifically pray for the physical recovery of a person.  Our focus, our attunement, in S. O. S.  healing meditation prayers,  is on recognition of the spiritual wholeness of each person on the prayer list and on the reality of this wholeness  -  the peace, the harmony, the vibrancy of well - being, the wisdom of unified being, the love of Christ Being; and we enfold each person within that Spirit, that Consciousness, that Light. This is the channel of attunement into which we bring each person; how they shall accept and express this consciousness, these energies, we leave to the free will of the individual souls.

If we truly accept the continuity of life, then there is no death, only transformation.  If we truly accept the unity of all being, then there is no separation with death  -  only a different mode of living  -  and a different mode of communication. I understand that the loss of communication may be the main source of regret, the major sense of loss in the death of a loved one. We are basically oriented to communicating only through the five physical senses and this mode of communication is mostly lost with death.  There are higher  (more expanded) octaves of the five senses, however, through which we may perceive and communicate non-physically; and this happens more frequently and to more people than you might think.

When I chose to leave the company where I was working during my final years in industry, one of the men in my department came into my office to talk.  He knew the kind of work I was to be entering.  He asked me what I would do if my dead mother kept showing up and telling me what I should do about this, that, and the other thing; telling me how I should live my life, really nagging me about it.  I explained to him that when a person dies, they are still alive and are still the same person. If a woman was trying to run her grown son’s life when she was in the physical, then, if she could get through from the next realm, she would still be telling him what to do.  I further explained that I believe a maturing man  - or woman  -  should tell a “living” mother who is persistently meddling, to stop it.   “Well . . . your mother is   still living”, I told him, “She just isn’t in the physical body anymore.” Then I told him that if it were my mother I would tell her,  “Mom, you lived your life here. Now it’s time for me to live my life here, as I choose to live it. You are welcome to visit, but I want to make my own choices, my own decisions, so please get on with what you have to do there and stop interfering.”  My associates said, “That’s what I finally did, and she has left me alone; but I felt guilty about it ever since, and that was several years ago”.

I suspect everyone of you have had communications with someone who has passed beyond the physical earth plane of existence.   It may occur as simply a feeling of their presence; it may be prefaced by a particular scent that you associate with that person, so that you are awareness of their presence may be aroused. They may appear to you in dreams and visit with you in that media, because there it is most acceptable to you.   (Dream visits most complete because our inhibitors seem to sleep, too; at least some of them. Besides, we can pass it off as  “just a dream” if we are not ready to acknowledge it’s reality.)  Or, they may “appear” to you in a form of physical being; almost always happier, healthier, and usually younger looking. Or they may communicate through thought transference or in audible voice  (audible only to you).   But it is the one you knew  (know). They are communicating, or trying to, and your awareness off them may be as real  “as though they were alive”.        

Many people say,  “If only I had treated him differently . . . If only I had forgiven him . . .  or sought forgiveness . . . or visited with him . . . expressed my appreciation, etc . . . . and now it is too late. He’s gone!”


Those of the realm just beyond our physical earth presents have not lost touch with the world in which we find ourselves. They are far more open were of the things and people of this world than you and I; if they choose to be. They have more flexibility of movement through time and space, and through thought perceptions, then we have in our earthly existence. They are in no way blocked from seeing us, are communicating with us. It is we who cannot normally see them, or hear them, or sense they are being.

So if you have felt badly about not having communicated something to someone who is now dead, stop feeling guilty about it and simply tune in to that person in your thoughts and, in thought, express your feelings, your love.  Forgive them, or accept their forgiveness, as the case may be; and know  they  are  hearing  you.  They perceive more than your thoughts; they may also sense your true motives and attitudes, so they really receive and understand your communication.  If you do this in a meditative state and have established a close attunement with that person, you may very well sense their response.  When you know you have communicated, you can then let go of your sense of guilt.  That memory is healed. You have freed a block, released a burden, from within yourself; and at the same time you may have released a similar block within the consciousness of the person with whom you communicated. It is a blessing and an added freedom to both of you.


We had best respect our physical existence here in this earth realm; and not be overly anxious to transform into the world beyond; lest we stunt the beauty of our butterfly self, and restrict our next phase of living.

Some tend to look on death as an escape from their circumstances  -  it’s  not!  Sense life is on-going, since the life continues, then the circumstances we have drawn to us continue to be drawn to us. Life  truly  is  on-going!  We leave the physical body behind, but we retain our attitudes, beliefs, and emotional patterns; we are still the same person! We are either more saintly nor more evil; we are the same being! Our consciousness is our being’s, and the consciousness is intact, we simply do not have a body. If people really understood this, there would be a lot fewer suicides. Suicide is an attempt to escape from life; which is impossible. The progress off the Suicide’s soul evolvement is deferred for some time as a result.  (The time involved is dependent for some time as a result.  (The time involved is dependent on the motives and the magnitude of the inharmonies that were created.) That person is then bound to the experience and environment of his suicide. His emotions and feelings remain, but now he will need to observe the consequences of his act and suffer whatever agonies he created in the lives of others. At the same time he is helpless to communicate his feelings, helpless to change the scene. Loving forgiveness and prayer can help free these Suicides from their suffering, so that they may more quickly proceed in their process of learning, so they may once more take up their path for Spiritual growth.

Many have asked about the experiencing of death in dreams; their own, or the death of loved ones, friends or strangers. Precognitive or clairvoyant death screams are rare. If a dream has any incongruity in its happenings, you can be quite certain the whole dream is symbolical.

Death in dreams is nearly always symbolic; not an  actual  death of  a  person. Predominantly, death in a dream symbolizes the dying of some aspect of the consciousness, some concept the person holds in their belief system. The meaning of these symbolic deaths can’t be interpreted by recognizing what these persons and the other aspects of the dream mean to the dreamer.


There are some who do not experience death; not even dying. There continuity of life is so well accepted, their focus on living is so complete  (irregardless of outward appearances), that they pass easily and peacefully from this realm to the next with no loss  -  no gap  - in their consciousness. These are spiritually aware of people, people unafraid of living.

Where Are You?

I’m here,
But where are you?

You must be dead,
Me thinks.
In some other form,
Dead and gone.

I simply can’t imagine.
Not just yet.
Ahh, not gone from here,
Just lost from me.

Lost, but not forgotten,
As my inner eye can
See that precious smile
That squints your eyes
In merriment.
Your laughter peeling
Round my ears,
And you so nice to be with.

I’m here and
Mysticaly so are you.

-Jean Adams  -

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This is the book I quoted from, in my October, 1979 mailing, about Wild Bill. Originally it was published by Guidepost, and then was out of circulation for awhile. It is now available again, published by Chosen Books; and it can be ordered from: A. R. E.  Press, P. O. Box 595, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. The price is $6.95 plus 95 cents for postage and handling.