Today as we sit and watch the sun come up
We feel the soft breeze blowing the staffs of life
And we think how fortunate we are to have great faith

Lord from the bottom of my grateful heart I come to you
Thank you for holding me up through all the tuff winds
Tho my body felt like it would fall under the crushing winds

You dear Lord always held me up securely
Never once did you ever falter and drop me by the wayside
Your faithfulness and promises always held up and stayed in place

The peacefulness we feel now is so complete
Thank you again Lord for always loving me through it all
Your ever loving arms and hope shall always hold me securely

May I always feel this peace and calmness as I do now
And know You, Jesus, and Holy Spirit more intimately
The mist and whispering hope shall always hold us all up

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
January 14, 2012
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