As I stood on the beautiful mountain so high
I looked down at the lovely valley below
In my heart I knew it was there I must go
For God to teach me how to grow.

On this mountain top I ask God to forgive me
And walk with me into the lovely valley below
I know it is the place God wants me to be
There in the lovely valley my faith will grow.

Dear God, the mountain tops are peaceful
But there is only one place for me to go
To learn more of your teachings
It is in the lovely valley below.

Help me to teach others, oh Lord I pray
How to find peace and love today
There is only one place for them I know
It is the lovely valley they must
2006      Glenna M. Baugh

"In the lovely valley God
will give you the faith to grow".
~Quote by Glenna~

The Lovely Valley
Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
September 25, 2013
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