My hammock
The sun's warmth is so inviting
It warms me to my very core
Swinging back and forth I hear a song
Birds are chirping their story to all

today is September 1st and summer is waning
The leaves outside my window are brown and dried
The squirrels are busy storing food for winter
the hustle and bustle of fall is fast approaching

As I gracefully age the years fly by more quickly
I've learned to just try and relax and trust God
Sometimes my impatience makes me saddened a bit
tho god never gives up on me even when i fail so often

my mind wonders onto the internet and the joy it creates
why I've found so many lost relatives and school mates
so many years went by and time and ties evaporated
now i hunger for closeness of family and friends

Have started visiting lunch with 1961 classmates
joined owl's head mussel ridge historical society
the community picnic was glorious and heartfelt
several attendees recognized me after some fifty years

living back in Rockland has been exciting and grounding
not all has been peaches and cream some was gruesome to me
sure i had days and months of despair always came through it
god's promises were always answered for me in his time

now tho I'm sensing the changing winds arriving on me
seems like god wants me to now be
Available to him for use
and dear lord wherever you need me there I'll be lovingly
with glorious expectation i wait your new assignment

then off to new chores and use by you will i be
i  lay here amazed at how you've worked in my life
even brought me to shame at times tho you loved me
it still is difficult for me to feel worthy of you or me

maybe just maybe that is what has held me back
daily i pray for you and your universal love to covert me
help me to see you don't create junk,you are exact
you knew even before the world began your plan for me

now all i have to do is stay faithful and believe in your plan
especially in your timing and way of delivering me to where you need
so often i've gone kicking and screaming all the way
often i did not want to do it your way for i know what is best

chuckle many times you must do about me and my resistance
well i've been gonged by you a lot and my attention you got
As i lay here and breathes in the warmth i ponder your plan
you'd think at seventy one i'd settle down for you

change and confrontation has never been easy for me
why even my daughters have a theory on the reason why
All i know is my parents did the best they knew how as i do
sometimes i feel despair when my daughters and i squabble

for at any moment god could take one or them or a grandchild
wonderment fills me with whys it seems to be this way
rolls seem to be turning now and daughters are loving me
and wondering i'm sure how long will we have mom

dear daughters and grandchildren i love you all dearly
would even give my life for you if it were required
so be patient with me understand i need to still have you
tho i may feel the need to set healthy boundaries on visits

well the afternoon sun is starting its setting today
now is the time to embrace the peace and quiet around me
daughters and grandchildren and friends on internet or not
know you are loved beyond measure today and always

and when we all reach the other side may our love still be
what a glorious day and reunion that will be in heaven
you may call it by different words tho i believe its the same
so til then may god's warm white light embrace you all

written by god
and bobbie wilson
september 1st, 2013
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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
september 1, 2013