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February 10, 1977

We are eternal, with no beginning and no end. Within the cycle of space and time however we are continually beginning and ending, and this is our being. Every moment we are initiating new thoughts, new patterns, or at least new variations or a new repetition. Every moment we are simultaneously concluding old patterns; patterns of thought and patterns of activity. Between the two is the NOW which knows no motion nor time, for it is ever NOW; NOW is eternal; we are in eternal NOW; we are eternal NOW.

We can truly live only in the now. Our being is always now. We can try ignoring or holding the past and we can project our thoughts, our will, onto the future -- but -- in either case, we compromise our being. We are the accumulative integrated result of what we have been; and through our realization and acceptance of that total we free our being. With the acceptance of our being we are released from all that was and simply recognize that each thing or pattern of what was is now but an integer of the total "is" -- the total self.

We cannot be anything other than that which we are, the integrated total of what we have been. We can, however, project the image, the appearance, of being other than we are by suppressing elements of experience and thought which we may choose not to recognize. (Rather than accepting and releasing them.) By doing so our being appears to us and to others as something less than whole, and we subsequently act and express from a broken or limited pattern of being.

To demonstrate a greater perfection of being; we MUST release the was. This cannot be done until we willingly, lovingly, ACCEPT every "was" into its rightful influence as part of the "is" and understand that a lesson was provided for our growth. It does not matter whether the experience was "bad" or "good" - whether we "succeeded" or "failed" - all experiences contribute to our potential for growing, evolving awareness.

Just as we must accept the past, every "was", without criticism, without condemnation - and - without glorification; we must also learn to accept that which will be our future; without concern, without worries and without doubts. The future is the projection and progress of our "is" and we may be confident that it will unfold according to our needs; our needs toward full realization of our God Self, our true Being.

We can get hung up in our concerns, our doubts, AND our joyful over-anticipations, of what will be just as fully as we restrain our envolvement by attachments, or denials, of our was-es.

When we would coerce the future into becoming that which we think it should be, there is generally something amiss, something lacking in the fulfillment. We are diverting, separating our "self" from our Self, our higher Being, our God Self, our I Am.

As we center in the now, as we accept the guidance of our attuned Self, and prepare and act in that consciousness (as opposed to mental planning toward a specific worldly objective or circumstance of our choosing) then spirit flows in our activities and goes before us to make the way straight. Then we are not of this world, then are we a light for others, then do we know the peace that passeth understanding, then will we realize that which our Father lovingly promised; His kingdom, and abundance in all things we have need of. And our beginnings are fruitful.

-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 1st, 2012

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