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Raymond McAlister,
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New Pathway Of Purpose

Wow, My Retirement Day Has Arrived
Sometimes Wonderment Floods Over Me
Was My Decision The Right One
Only The Lord Above Knoweth For Sure

Routine Days No Longer Exist

Go To Bed Wee Small Hours Of The Day
Up Late Possibly By Eleven AM
Thinking I Can Sleep Later If I Desire

Well This Is Good And Bad

I Long To Know My Purpose
To Have A Reason For Living
Somewhere To Belong Is Longed For

This I know For Sure

God Knows My Purpose On This Earth
He Will Reveal To Me Specifically That Fact
For God Wants You On Fire For Him

So Please Ask With Confidence

Of God What Your Specific Purpose Is
Then Go Full Speed Ahead Into Your Purpose
Let It Consume You Totally With Assurance

You Can Be Sure God Is Smiling Down

He Is Your Force To Achieve That Purpose
So Lovingly Go Forth Completely
Totally Engrossed In Assurance That

Your Heavenly Father Has Made You

Specifically For This Purpose In Life
At This Special Moment In Time
He Will Make Sure You Fulfill Your Purpose
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Written and created by God
and Bobbie Wilson

December 22, 2003