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To my dear friends everywhere !
November -  - 1977

To my dear friends everywhere,

Thank you for being there.  Thank you for letting me come into your home, your thoughts, your consciousness, the place where you live.

It is the Thanksgiving time of year, when we are reminded to stop and count our blessings, the yield of our plantings, the harvest  of that which we have sown.  And I'm sure we all have sown some good seeds (even though we may have planted a few weeds).  So let's overlook the weeds, the negative experiences and atmospheres (both in ourselves and in others) and focus on the good that we have.  The good that we are.

We may be grateful  for both, the good and the weeds; for the weeds are the matured effect of the seed causes we planted by error.  We may be thankful that we can now see them for what they are, for now we can pull them out of the soil of recognition and cast them aside - and forget them.  They are no more, they are done, they have served their purpose by showing us the manifested result of our misguided attitudes and actions; the negativity of our thoughts.  So be thankful for the guidance and remember to sort those weeds out of your new plantings of attitude and thought.

I want to share with you a thought expressed in a letter from a young dear friend, Barbara McNichol:

".....having  certain insight - awareness and gratitude - for each experience while it is occurring ( as opposed to realizing the significance after it's long passed).  It's a little like spreading Thanksgiving throughout the year - by sprinkling a little of it on each day - neat!"

One thing we may all be thankful for (daily) is this great country in which we live.  Like each of us, it may have it's faults, but there is no better place for us to be.  (for now).

Do you know the words to "America The Beautiful"?  Let that be your national anthem!  I agree with a thought picked up from the book "the Psychic Side of the American Dream" by Robert Wm. Krajenke, A.R.E. Press.  "America The Beautiful" should be OUR national anthem.  It sings of harmony, love, and abundance - and freedom - not of battles, conflict and war.  "America The Beautiful" is particularly appropriate for this Thanksgiving time of year.

I have seen, and had, grand and wondrous experiences during the past several weeks which make me truly thankful that I was led to be here, and to be a catalyst for the movement of Spirit in and through these experiences. I wish it were feasible to share all of these with you.  I do hope that one day you shall each have had such joyful and fulfilling experiences in your living.

I bless each and every one of you.

With love,
Bill Achor

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Here are some thoughts I wish to share with you:

Many of you know I shy away from the so called discipline of rigid schedules.  Again, Barbara McNichol came up with a remarkable insight:

"I suppose the key is creative consistency rather than rigid routine."

I can work with that as an "application."
And here is a thought taken from a letter written by my good friend Flash Lechtman:

"..... More than God being in everything, everything is in God.  When we focus on God being in everything we also begin to admit the legitimacy of idolatry; it is the obverse of that coin -- the awareness that everything is in God that leads to true worship."

And this final quotation; another beautiful thought expressed by Barbara in one of her letters:

"you know what love represents to me in a symbolical form? - The Sun - It spreads its warmth - energy - light and life - sustaining forces - on all things equally - without favoritism - constantly - each day - unconditionally - in total beauty and perfection."