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Issue  #5, 1981 November

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

It's awesome, at times, the way Spirit moves to fulfill our needs and our purposes.   I know, though, that if we truly stay into with Spiritual Wholeness  - or even just persistently try  -  Spirit will make the arrangements and all we have to do is to follow through, to move our feet; to walk through the “door of opportunity” when Spirit opens it for us. That is not always easy to do, because from a human point of view it sometimes appears illogical more like “sticking one’s neck out”. It’s true; nevertheless. It’s true for us and it’s just as true for you.

I do not usually write about our personal lives, or circumstances, in these messages, but this time it feels right to do just that. Partly because it explains  why it has been so long since you have heard from us; but also because we have experienced a beautiful flow of Spirit in our lives; arranging for our subsistence, our activities and our experiences; and I want to share this with you. I also want to thank you for being a part of the S. O. S. consciousness that has kept the attunement, that has kept us going  -  on track  -  in spite of our personal doubts at times and our human frailties.

Our personal funds have been rapidly approaching oblivion, and yet, we have been inwardly reassured not to be concerned.  In that; we have been only partially successful  -  we do get “concerned”.  And we have spent some brain time thinking about what we might need to do for employment  -for income. Then, on top of that, we’ve known for some time it was imminent that we should be moving out of our condominium. We couldn’t help wondering what was in store for us. What kind of place could we “afford”?

In mid-August I was asked to become a part- time faculty member of Polk Community College (PCC) and to take over responsibility for the Parapsychology class which I have been active in since it began in 1977.  My application was barely accepted when shortly before the beginning of September, on a Wednesday, we received a call from an S. O. S. friend (now a member) at the college saying the College had enrolled two full classes for Relaxation, to start the following Monday, and had no instructor. She said she had given them my name, but I’d better get over there and talk to them. I caught up with the Department Head on Thursday evening; and Monday morning I was teaching the accredited courses in Relaxation.  Hazel and I had taken the class a year ago, so I was familiar with its format. Hazel kept good notes on the class (couldn’t even find mine) and those have helped, too. Also, our instructor, who had retired from teaching, supplied me with books and background materials that she had used. I have approximately 50 students between the two classes and really enjoy them.

Early in September, a city representative called at our condominium, while I was teaching my Wednesday classes, to deliver a copy of a city ordinance which bars the overnight parking of recreational vehicles over 18 foot in any area zoned “Residential”, unless it is totally enclosed in a garage building. The man was apologetic and explained that this is not generally enforced unless there is a complaint  - and there was a complaint. The complaint was not directed at us, but at another motor home owner of who was abusing the rights and regulations of the condominium         inhabitants.  We were caught in the backwash. It was time to move. That same morning a Polk Shopper paper,  which we did not normally receive, was included in our mail. In looking through it for food bargains, Hazel’s eye was caught by a “House for Rent” ad. It seemed ridiculous and too expensive, but Hazel couldn’t get past the feeling of what I now call the "Divine Coincide-ence" (our human term “coincidence” practically denies Divine Coincidence, passing it off as a random  happenstance; and of course there is no such thing.) So when I came home, she showed me both  items; the argument and the ad. I took a nap! After sleeping on it; I agreed we should go take a look. I called and the following morning we went to look. I knew as soon as we were inside the house that this was where we are to be. I told the owner, Greg Riggeal, that we would take it. Hazel could hardly believe it  -  still can’t; but neither can I; and we’ve been here a month now. I had no idea how we would continue to meet the rent, but I knew we were to be here.

The next day, Friday, when we went back to “our house” to give Greg the deposit; he mentioned he was paying $50.00 per month for yard maintenance - and the guy obviously had been around for some time. I told him I’d like that job and he said, “O. K., take it out of the rent”. Later I also found out from Greg that when he placed the rent ad in the Shopper, he had made a “mistake” and listed the rent $100 lower than he intended. He had decided he would explain that to prospective tenants from that ad and advise them of the higher rent. He said he doesn’t know why he didn’t do it when we came to rent the house.  But he also said, “Everything happens for a purpose.” We agree!

This is a beautiful 3-story, five bedroom house that was built in 1927.  It has 2 ½ baths, a lot of yard and a lot of landscaping. It is situated in a pleasant residential area not far from the downtown area. It is zoned for professional or light business; so there is no problem in parking our motor home, and plenty of space for it. There is also a pool. There is also a “catch”.  The owner was transferred to Pennsylvania and the house is for sale, so we had to agree to its being shown to prospective buyers; we didn’t mind that part. Even as we were moving boxes in, though, with the help of the available    S.O.S.  gang, I received an inner message saying, “You needn’t save the boxes, you won’t need them”. I don’t know how that is to be,  but we’re trying to “keep the faith”. (We haven’t yet disposed of all the boxes however.) Our new home location is: 324 Avenue B, NE, Winter Haven. We still have our P. O. box for continuity of address,  and we have the same phone number.  We hope you’ll shall have an opportunity to come visit us.

Anyway, this house, including shop space in the garage, cost us only a little more rent per month than the condominium and storage warehouse we had before. We still don’t know how we are to continue to meet our expenses  -  BUT  - Hazel received a call “out of the blue” to substitute teach at a public school for learning disability children and has ten days of substitution there since then. Counseling and Touch For Health therapy have increased and so have contributions. For the first time in five years, S. O. S. paid the rent.  As for the yard work, it feels good, and I like the exercise. Besides, one of our younger women members who thoroughly enjoys yard work, has spent a lot of  time cleaning out and trimming the landscape plantings.  Another young woman member has also helped in that endeavor. Things we need to seem to find their way to us; via someone. We have truly been “looked after”, and we are deeply grateful.

Some good friends and S. O. S. have suggested we should make specific charges for our services. I know this would appear to be logical.  I understand and I am grateful for their concern;  for the genuine thoughtfulness in their suggesting;  but we are not to do that. I have had a very definite guidance telling me that we are to give our services, as an open channel, according to our consciousness;  and that we are to accept, with equal grace, whatever is offered; whether it appears excessive, whether it be materials or services, or even if we receive nothing.  That which we receive must be according to the consciousness of the giver. The service we give is the same for each;  at least we try to make it that way. There are other friends who believe we should engage in fund-raising activities.  We are not to do that, either.  We are not to “promote” S.O.S. in any way.  My guidance has been quite specific about that, too. We are to serve equally, THOSE WHO ARE LED TO US BY SPIRIT; and we are to depend on Spirit totally to provide the means of our existence. Spirit has done so, beautifully. The part-time teaching assignments that have been open to us are completely in line with,  and an expansion of, our opportunities for doing the work, providing the awarenesses , that is a fundamental purpose of S.O.S.

I want to tell you about one other interesting occurrence: While we lived in the condominium, my lawnmower was stored in our landlord’s locked garage near there. One night, not too long before we were to move, thieves broke into the garage and stole all the power equipment, EXCEPT MY LAWN MOWER.  Our landlady was almost apologetic, but also amused, when she told us; thinking that it wasn’t considered worth stealing.  Probably not!  But it’s doing a fine job for me here. More Divine coincide-ence?  Or human coincidence?

We continue to seek and follow the guidance of  Spirit and to PRACTICE our faith in that guidance; and we still struggle with it, too. They I’m teaching the two classes in Relaxation and will be again next term.  The parapsychology class has just finished, but a Holistic Health class is now scheduled for next term and I will be responsible for that. Hazel is taking two college courses toward her Masters In Guidance and Counseling and is struggling to keep up; what with  all the extra activities.

I apologize for the long gap in our communications. The extra activities of teaching and moving and the needed meetings with various people has for a time taken priority. I totally accept, however:  that all of these activities have been directed by Spirit; that they are providing further expansion of our usefulness in serving Divine purpose in the lives of those who are led to us (or to whom we are led); and, that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I bless you always.  I love you.

William E. Achor

RECOMMENDED READING:                                The Remant, by Mary LaCroix

This is a fiction book about the preparation for the coming of Jesus, the life of Jesus, His crucifixion, and His resurrection as experienced by Judith, Head of the Essenes ; and by Ruth, the younger sister of Jesus.  It is based on information  given by  the Edgar Cayce readings and is both enjoyable and inspirational reading.

-Alfred Adler-

How very true that is!  When a person is living up to their principles . . . to Divine, loving, principles . . .  they find there is no need to fight for them. When one is truly living ones principles, the words and actions of that one speak for the principles far more eloquently than any words that might be uttered in an attempt to convince or to impose these principles.  Even though it is difficult to live up to one’s principles  . . . we almost never do . . . entirely . . . the principle is there as an objective, an ideal, a goal to aim for; a Divine star to lead us toward the realization of our own Infinite Being.