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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friends:

I come to you in love and joy and with appreciation for this chance to meet with you and to share with you some of the realizations all that I am given.

My August message discussed the Illusions of Reality: the consideration that every experience takes place only in individual human conscious, in our personal rational awareness.  The five senses are impressed by external stimuli from the environment and circumstances in which we move.   Our rational awareness, our state of human consciousness, selects and interprets these stimuli into that which the mind perceives, and subsequently recognizes, as a particular experience.   That particular experience then is established by our mind as a reality in our life.   This I choose to call our  “working reality”.   Our mind is unique and different from every other mind.   So; even though there is considerable commonality in these stimuli and the general interpretations  (A rose is a rose is a rose;  a chair is a chair is a chair, ET C. . . )  still these are “experienced” differently by each of us.  WE  EACH   CREATE  OUR OWN  “REALITY”,  AND THAT  “WORKING REALITY” SERVES OUR SPECIFIC NEEDS  FOR THE  EVOLVEMENT OF OUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND UNDERSTANDING.

It was my intent to proceed from the illusions of physical reality into the illusions about mental realities;  the illusions of memory,  the illusions of human conscious.   And inner awareness, however, has cautioned me to “Make it simple.”   “Keep it simple.”   So  O. K. !  I shall try to do both; proceed into the illusions of human mind, and   do so as simply and as comprehensively as I can.

WE EACH DRAW TO US THE PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ENVIRONMENT THAT WE NEED TO EXPERIENCE.   (If we did not need a particular experience, then we would not be having it.)

WE CREATE OUR OWN ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS BY THE PROCESS OF OUR OWN THOUGHTS.   These in turn bring a projection of these attitudes and beliefs into manifest existence; so that we shall experience them.   The purpose in experiencing these existent circumstances   (the effects)  of our mentally created patterns ( the cause ) is so that we might come to realize and understand the mental thoughts and subsequent patterns which create harmony;  as opposed to the mental thoughts and patterns which create disharmony.   This is so that we might change our nature to one of peace and loving acceptance   (Grace ) and subsequently bring peace and harmony totally into our physical, mental and emotional human life experience. THE THINGS WE ARE EXPERIENCING NOW OUR PROJECTIONS FROM ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS WE HAVE COME EMBODY AS A RESULT OF OUR OWN PRIOR THOUGHT PROCESS.

Our human mind, our human ego, denies its authorship of our human life circumstances and interprets distresses to justify the very patterns which created the distresses in the first place.

By denying responsibility and simply justifying itself; the human conscious strengthens  its hold on the patterns and propitiates its further experiencing of the distresses.

The more we listen to the voice of the human ego (the sentences we tell ourselves to rationalize our reactions)  the more we cover up and lose touch with the spiritual voice within that would guide us to recognize the truths that our human existence would teach us.  The spiritual voice is that Infinite Divine Nature that is a part of each of us;  and would lead us to harmony and peace and love in all ways and in every situation, every circumstance.   This Divine Nature within speaks to us by way of intuitions, inner feelings, and sometimes as an inner voice. It will never fail us, no matter how often we fail it; for the Divine Being buried in each of us  (under our ego self concerns) is infinitely patient with us, awaiting our recognition and acceptance of it  -  our Divine Self;  the God part of us, our Christ Conscious; or whatever you may choose to call it.

We bring out the Divine Self by accepting our human self, loving our self and loving our fellow human beings as we love ourself. This does not mean that we need love the appearance of the human frailties, but rather that with love we give no heed to these frailties, that we look beyond the frailties To the Greater Person that is there; and we recognize and love THAT; both in OURSELVES and in OTHERS.

Neither should we deny our  frailties, for in doing so we give them a stronger hold on us. Distresses  do not hold us;  we  hold them. If we deny that we hold a particular pattern we wish to be free of; how then can we release it?  How can you let go of a thing if you deny it exists, or deny holding it?

When I speak of “working realities” this does not mean that the physical does not exist; it does!  The physical does exist, but it is not fixed. The things we experience are part of our physical existence and have specific purpose for each of us in helping us individually to evolve in the spiritual nature of our own creating; or to provide an environment in which the evolved spiritual nature in us may find opportunity for expression to further our spiritual understanding and also that of our fellow humans.


Through these commonality factors of existence we experience group consciousness; collective group conscious. The collective group conscious creates the collective experiences. Its manifestation, it’s nature, the manner of our personal experiencing of it  ( the group conscious cause and effect ) all depends on the self created nature of our own individual consciousness.

Our S. O. S. discussion group were considering the collective conscious of our nation, our world. How the greed of individuals, collectively, has put greedy people in positions of power. How the “something for nothing”   drive in so many has created a “give-a way” government that results in inflation and a growing tax and national debt. How desire of non-responsibility in so many has made us more and more dependent on our federal government and has subsequently given those in control more dominion over the individuals and groups within our nation.

There is no political bias in any of this. It is a natural national trend which is consistent with, caused by, the attitudes and desires of the vast majority of our populace .  Our elected officials and representatives truly reflect the under-lying concepts and ideas of the people.

The question arose as to whether or not the minority individual who truly practices responsibility, honesty, considerateness and industry; the individual who lives in the chaotic environment even though he may not contribute to that group consciousness; the individual who is a loving spiritual person, whether or not this person then must experience the manifest natural consequences of this negative group conscious? Does the spiritual individual have to suffer the chaos , the deprivation, the destructions that have been brought about by the malice or greed of those about him?

The answer is: NO!

We experience the consequences of that pattern which we   create by our   thoughts and our attitudes; both individually and collectively.

We can separate ourselves from experiencing and the collective consequences  -IF WE WILL? We cannot, however, remove us from those about us the necessity of suffering the consequences of their individual and collective conscious. We can but counsel  - when asked  -  and serve as a living example for those who might see.

If a person is truly spiritual, a considerate and loving person toward ALL of his fellow man, he shall know and experience peace and harmony regardless of the worldly circumstances that he may be required to meet.

The truly evolved spiritual person may know peace in the midst of riots in chaos, he may know love though hatred abounds all about him. This is part of the meaning of “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies”. (Psalm 23-5). This person has received Grace, and lives by the Grace of God.

The greatest example I have run across (since Helen Keller) is presented in a true experience of Dr. Ritchie as related in his story, Returned From Tomorrow. (This story was published by Guidepost but is no longer available.)

The man in this experience of Dr. Ritchie’s was truly an evolved spiritual being. He found the Reality of Being, and lived it. This man lived in Grace.

The excerpt from Dr. Ritchie’s story follows right after this letter. I hope its Reality touches you as deeply as it did me.

I bless you and I love you, always.

William E Achor
William E Achor, Minister

excerpt from “Returned From Tomorrow”
by George G. Ritchie, Jr.  with Elizabeth’s Sherill

When the war in Europe ended in May 1945, the 123rd Evac entered Germany with the occupying troops. I was part of a group assigned to a concentration camp near  Wuppertal, charged with getting medical help to the newly liberated prisoners, many of them Jews from Holland, France, and Eastern Europe. This was the most shattering experience I had yet had; I had been exposed many times by then to sudden death and injury, but to see the effects of slow starvation, to walk through those barracks where thousands of men had died a little bit at a time over a period of years, was a new kind of horror. For many it was an irreversible process; we lost scores each day in spite of all the medicine and food we could rush to them.


  Now I needed my new insight indeed. When the ugliness became too great to handle I did what I had learned to do. I went from one end to the other of that barbed wire enclosure looking into men’s faces until I saw looking back at me the face of Christ.                                                                                                                              

And that's how I came to know Wild Bill Cody. That wasn’t his real name. His real name was seven unpronounceable syllables and Polish, but he had long drooping handled by mustaches like pictures of the old western hero, so the American soldiers called him Wild Bill. He was one of the inmates of the concentration camp, but obviously he had been there long: His posture was erect, his eyes bright, his energy indefatigable. Since he was fluent in English, French, German, and Russian, as well as Polish, he became a kind of unofficial camp translator.                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                 We came to him with all sorts of problems; the paperwork alone was staggering in attempting to relocate people whose families, even whole hometowns, might have disappeared. But though Wild Bill worked spell fifteen and sixteen hours a day, he showed no signs of wariness. While the rest of us were drooping with fatigue, he seemed to gain strength. “We have time for this old fellow” he’d say. “He’s been waiting to see us all day.” His compassion for his fellow prisoners glowed on his face, and it was to this glow that I came when my own spirits were low.
So I was astonished to learn when Wild Bill’s own papers came before us one day, that he had been in Wuppertal since 1939! For six years he had lived on the same starvation diet, slept in the same airless and disease  -  ridden barracks as everyone else, without the least physical or mental deterioration.

Perhaps even more amazing, every group in the camp looked on him as a friend. He was the one to whom quarrels between inmates were bought for arbitration. Only after I’d been at Wuppertal a number of weeks did I realize what a rarity this was in a compound where the different nationalities of prisoners hated each other almost as much as they did the Germans.

As for the Germans, feeling against them ran so high that in some of the camps liberated earlier, former prisoners had seized guns, run into the nearest village and simply shot the first Germans they saw. Part of our instructions were to prevent this kind of thing and again Wild Bill was our greatest asset, reasoning with the different groups, counseling forgiveness.

“It’s not easy for some of them to forgive”, I commented to him one day as we sat over mugs of tea in the processing center. “So many of them have lost members of their families.”

Wild Bill leaned back in the upright chair and sipped at his drink. “We lived in the Jewish section of Wausau”, he began slowly the first words I had heard him speak about himself, “My wife, our two daughters, and our three little boys. When the Germans reached our street they lined everyone against a wall and opened up with machine guns. I’ve begged to be allowed to die with my family, but because I spoke German they put me in a work group.”

He paused, perhaps seeing again his wife and five children. “I had to decide right then,” he continued, “whether to let myself hate the soldiers who had done this. It was an easy decision, really. I was a lawyer. In my practice I had seen too often what hate could do to people’s minds and bodies. Hate had just killed the six people who mattered most to me in the world. I decided then that I would spend the rest of my life  -  whether it was a few days our many years  -  loving every person I came in contact with”

Loving every person  .  .  .  this was the power that had kept a man well in the face of every privation. It was the Power I had first met in a hospital room in Texas, and was learning little by little to recognize were ever He chose to shine through  -  whether they human vehicle was aware all of Him or not.

End of excerpt.
“When you lose sight of God in your fellow man, you lose sight of God in yourself”. 
-  Hazel Achor  -

“Life is what happens while you are planning something else.”                                   -  Diane Carpenter  -

“To take a step forward, you must take your foot out of the impression you made yesterday .   
-   Bill Achor  -   
“Many Wonderful Things”,  by Robert W. Huffman with Irene Specht
This book does truly contain many wonderful things regarding God and our relationship to God.  These people started an experiment in hypnosis to explore by age regression the idea of reincarnation  -  and hopefully to prove it to be a hoax.  In the age regression, they made contact with the subject’s God Self. Most of the book is based on what that God Self had to say relative to a wide variety of questions on everyday situations and on interpretation of Biblical passages.   Here is a brief example regarding judgment, and smoking in particular. The answer, however, could pertain to any form of humanness and related judgments:

“Q.  Can a man smoke, and still have a partnership with God?
  A.  . . . Outward evidences are no proof of inward grace.  Do you judge a man’s soul by outward evidences?  . . . How can we determine what his inner state is approaching, when we only judge by his outward indulgences?  God does not judge our human frailties, for He knows that we shall learn. Why should we try to stand about God, and judge what He does not? We are in a learning process. We are humans with human frailties. We shall overcome them. But do not judge outward frailties as a measure of inward grace.” 

“I pray each day that I may be strong enough not to hurt anybody.”   -  Acharya  -

(It is the week who are cruel.  Gentleness can only come from strength.)

Hate and fear is the dark of dark nights.
The dark is gone if you turn on the Lights.
Joy, harmony and peace are the Lights of God’s Love.
GOD IS LOVING YOU NOW   -   below as above.