Our Rocking Chairs

On our many talks and hours together
What often came up was not being alone
We each would say how we would like it to be

Chuckling at each others thoughts were so much fun
It was mutual that to sit on porch in our rocking chairs
Would be the way we would want it, and not alone

One time you chuckled at me and said I'd pick you up
And I smiled and asked what on earth do you mean
You came back with, when you fall out of the chair

Both of us knew we meant when we would fall asleep rocking
Lean forward and go kaplunk onto the porch floor in front of chair
It was fun to discuss making new words too that were ours

As I sit here and think of those glorious hours warmth fills me                                                                          We started to learn about each other oh so slowly
New found joy and love was ours to embrace

You'd think at our age we would not have such dreams
        I tell you this, when someone gently takes you in their arms
     And then kisses you oh so gently it becomes real and glorious

Well smooth sailing we do not have in our relationship
Seems like friends and family prefer you be with someone else
For the life of me I can't figure it out why their not happy for us

In our golden years any happiness and love that comes to us and is real
Both of us feel it is a reason to be joyful to have found true love again
When hearts dance together there is no denying this is real and happy

As you prepare your new place I will keep busy till we are together again
Then our hearts can dance away the hours sitting and rocking in our chairs
God willing our families will decide to embrace our love and happiness

My heart and mind were blown away when love came walking into my life again
My daughter said Mom enjoy and embrace this new happiness and love
You both worked so hard your whole lives, these years are yours both

So now it is time to bring this heartfelt writing to a warm close for now
My dreams and thoughts are always with you dear one, I love you
As you love me and are making plans for our future, peace be with you

Till we are in each others arms again, I embrace you in my thoughts
My heart rejoices because you came into my life and love me faithfully
God speed and keep you dear one till we sit in Our Rocking Chairs !

Created and written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
May 14, 2013
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