" Owl's  Head  Lighthouse  Beach "

I have walked here to you faithful beach
Thru the paths under pine trees
Where the pine tree limbs on both sides meet overhead
The freshness of the pine needles still fill the air

As I stand here looking out to sea and remembering
The seagulls fly over head in graceful movements
Their sounds are so light and musical to my ears
They are in perfect unison, one with the universe

The sun is starting to set on the horizon
Creating a masterpiece of pinks and yellows
The Clouds are so beautiful and reflective
All is one in this canvass of colorful beauty

The waves come rumbling in, rolling over the rocks
Such power and majesty can not be ignored
Their strength shall change all beneath them forever
I can even feel their mist blowing in my face gently

The wind is gently blowing my dress in graceful movements
As I stand barefoot feeling the coolness of the sand
My mind wanders back to the times you and I shared here
On Owl's Head Lighthouse Beach

I remember the contests you and I would have
First we bend down and carefully choose
The round smooth rocks all beckoning to us, pick me
You're rock always skimmed over the sea sideways

My rock would feel awkward in my hand
I would summon up my thoughts and focus
In my mind the rock's path would seem so perfect
Then I would release my rock into the air

As my eyes watched it fly through the air
My mind would will it wantonly over the sea
Then as I would come back to reality
I'd see my chosen rock sink quickly into the sea

Oh, such beautiful memories floating through my mind
I think that I shall quietly sit on the large rocks around me
And savior the warmth and beauty of all my thoughts
From childhood right on up to this moment in time

My daddy, Bob St. Clair tended Owl's Head Lighthouse
How my heart would leap as daddy would take my hand
And lead me up those winding metal stairs
At the top we would see the majesty of the sea stretch before us

My daddy loved the sea and passed that love onto me
When I am upset, you the sea can calm me
If I but come to you and reflect on those very things
The secret of your workings I so long to know

Now my mama, Rose St. Clair, lies in a nursing home
So I come to you the sea once again for consultation
Even if only in my mind I can keenly feel the pull of you
Please help me make the right choices for her, my Mom

Oh, I know dear God, You are the Master of all the world
So it really is to you I come heavy hearted
To seek your wondrous help now for my Mom
So please help me now to totally trust in you dear God
Right here on, Owl's Head Lighthouse Beach!

Written by Bobbie Wilson
Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
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