Rolling Fall Beauty Love
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

As we look at the picture above we are assured
Our heavenly Father will roll on with us through all our trials
We can roll on ever changing as the landscape does all year long

Fall brings special colors and hues continually
As we hit our peaks of golden blessings He is there always
As we roll down into our pits of browns and rusts He is there too

Between the buds of spring and full blown leaves
Our lives also bloom and rekindle as the trees and flowers pop up
Our days bud with excitement for the new beginnings of spring

It is fairly clear we all strive to look our best for coming summer
Our lives get dawned with pretty clothes and things as swim suits
God does and will always love us even in our chunkiest weight

So as the trees and rolling hills do not worry for their needs
We should and can rest assured He will always take care of our needs
Needs are so often misinterpreted by us and overrated or exaggerated

Taking into consideration  trust He does have our best interest at heart
His knowledge of the Master Plan far out weighs our desired wishes
All from the landscape of nature and our lives work together for good

Letting go and trusting His universal love need and supply is essential
For in so doing the very universe works all together to make it happen
Encompass all that is knowing we are one with Him always
written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
October 7, 2012

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