Roses and Bows
Looking at these roses and bows
Each one reminds me of  the attributes
Individual  creations have many useful ones

Some buds are small and tightly closed
Sho too are human creations for many reasons
Possibly afraid of opening up for fear of hurt

What could possibly have caused this fear
Chances are those buds may never open
Should we abandon them of course not

Then we have more full and vibrant rose blossoms
Their beauty and resilience just keeps brightening daily
Wow we wonder why the difference in roses

As the roses age day by day their beauty wilts possibly
Tho with deep abiding love and care they continue to please
Could it be there is some unseen care here from above

At the right moments special  actions seem to surface
If we can but look beyond just what the eye sees
Unbounded discoveries lie in wait for our okay

Without much fanfare the bows start to be created
What will this do for the roses you wonder
This beauty and reason lies in the beholder and creator

Together Roses and Bows enjoins peacefully
If we could but follow their lead our beauty also would unfold
They unquestionably trust and believe in the Master

If they can do that then why cant we
Could it be we are fearful and do not trust the creator
Are we not more precious then they

Well if we let the creator flow freely in us
We may see that we and they are equally important
The creator master minded all the beauty of all things

So smile from within and know this very fact
With all His Love and wisdom he created all
Even All The Roses and Bows

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
December 27, 2012

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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
December 27, 2011