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1980  Issue  #  5  September

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
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Hello, dear friend:

Both Hazel and I have been asked several times recently: "What happens, what exactly do you do in....


It is almost impossible to say exactly what it is that we do and experience in these healing meditations because they are so individual and so infinitely variable. I will, however, explain our fundamental approach, and I will relate some of that which I personally have experienced.

In S.O.S., our approach to meditation is reasonably consistent. Here is the general sequence of procedure as we give it to those who join in our meetings: (1) Relax Physically. First make sure that you are physically comfortable and the spine is reasonably straight; then release each tension that you find anywhere in your body. (2) Relax Mentally. Release all mental tensions and thought diversions that you find in your mind. (3) Establish Protection. Spiritual centers in the physical body are opened during deep meditations; so protection IS important. You may affirm that you seek only Pureness and Truth. You may surround yourself with Divine Light. You may ask your Guardian Angels for protection; or you may call on the presence of Christ. Whichever fits for you. In S.O.S. we use the Lord's Prayer, thoughtfully, both to establish protection and to initiate recognition and attunement. (4) Recognition. Contemplate the Wholeness, the Love and Harmony of the infinite, all-encompassing Divine Being; God. (5) Attunement. (At-one-ment) Know you are in that Divine Wholeness; and then listen! Listen with a relaxed alertness. Be open to receive. (This is a silent time lasting 10 - 15 minutes.) (6) Recognize Wholeness. Encompass in Divine Wholeness each person present and those for whom you pray (prayer list). See only their perfection as it is when every difficulty has been wholly resolved; that is the pattern that needs to be recognized and realized in the God Consciousness of which they are a part. (Please give NO thought to the difficulty during healing meditation - give no energy to their separation from Wholeness.) (7) Gratitude. Thank God for His Wholeness that is expressing in you and in those for whom you pray. Know that they have received that Wholeness. Be grateful also for any guidance or understanding that you have received. (8) Release. You have done your part! If you have truly turned the situation (yours or other's) over to God's Will, then you WILL let go. (9) Close. Consciously close your spiritual centers (your inner doors). They protect your "home" while you go about your daily activities. In S.O.S., we usually close by thoughtfully reciting the 23rd Psalm. (10) Amen!

A group is often more successful in meditation healing than are individual efforts. This is especially true if all in the group are individually and collectively committed to a common desire to help others. This is because their unified motive for helping amplifies the presence of these Divine Energies. Any individual weakness is set aside. Even though each individual in the meditation group has different concepts and different approaches, the harmony of motive and love unifies the consciousness and provides a clear channel for the healing Presence.

In my own personal experience; as I recognize the Love and Light surrounding - enfolding - each person, and feel the deep strength of spiritual peace and their true spiritual wholeness and vitality expressing through them; I may feel the person's feelings as a part of myself - which it is.

It's kind of like this: When I attuned in Light and Love and Peace, my consciousness is expanded to include those I pray for within myself and I am a part of them as well - wherever they may be. Then if I sense a darkness, I ask the Light to permeate that darkness; and if the person is receptive, I "See" it happen. If the person is having dis-ease, then I ask Peace and Harmony to enter. If the person feels isolated, lonely, I share the Infinite Love with them and see it enfold them and fill them. If they are being bombarded by negative energies, I call for a shield of Light and direct a flow of Love toward those invading energies.

Many times in meditation I have perceived a person's situation and see what awareness they need in their thoughts and activities. Many times I then call them, or write them, regarding my perceptions. Also many times, these perceptions have seemed so illogical that I hesitated to communicate them. An interesting aspect of this is that in several instances where I have perceived a certain pattern and the needed guidance, it turned out to be precognitive; so that the individuals were aware of the pattern as it began to unfold and were prepared to correct their relationship to the pattern without getting caught up in it. I feel particularly blessed when I can serve as a Spiritual messenger in such experiences.

I feel that those for whom I receive guidance, have sincerely prayed for guidance, and are willing to receive it. Because they are in our prayer list, and because we are an "open channel" in meditation, we can then be used to communicate their guidance. Others in the group have served in this same manner.

Another experience of being an open channel in meditation is that people who are not on the prepared prayer list often come into the healing meditation for specific help or sharing. Sometimes they are people that are not known us. It was explained that because we are an "open channel," Spirit can send to us those who are seeking but have no channel they can turn to in their particular human situation.

When I am in the healing meditation; if I sense that a person is non-receptive, I lovingly release them and go on to the next person on the prayer list. I make no attempt to impose spiritual wholeness on any and therefore do not resent any indifference or rejection. Mind power or a commanding approach is sometimes inclined to impose healing (a human decision as to what is God's will for the person - or the self) and if this approach is used there may me some frustration or resentment if the person is not receptive. This reaction thereby takes along some of the "fall-out," the dust of negativity. "...let your peace return to you." "...shake off the dust of your feet." (Matt.10:13,14)

God never imposes Himself on anyone, never REQUIRES acceptance; but awaits with infinite patience and love to accept and protect and guide when any one of His beings turn to Him in Truth (not just in appearance). We shall learn to do likewise.

My own perceptiveness varies considerably - depending on how will I can transcend my humanness and achieve attunement in Spirit. I can tell the difference in my meditations. If I don't see much light, or if I fail to sense much of the spiritual energies anywhere in traveling through the prayer list; then I am aware that it is my own lack of attunement. But when I experience the Divine Radiance about some and dark energies about others, then I know my awareness is recognizing the nature of some energies related to the individuals involved. Where there is the Divine Radiance, I rejoice gratefully with those that are in it and see the Energies reinforced as I witness Its Presence. When there is little or no discernible light, and I call forth the Light; sometimes it is so welcomed that the radiance is quick and staggering. At other times, the radiance is tenuous, only partially accepted. It is there, it just doesn't have the intensity in that particular environment that it has when there is a harmonic concurrance.

I have been privileged a few times, to witness a total restoration to physical and mental wholeness in the realms of consciousness and I have been told, "This will appear in the physical experience as rapidly as they can accept it." Some have experienced nearly instantaneous recovery, others require more time but experience a miraculous completeness of recovery and a wholeness in all departments of living. "...according to your faith be it done unto you." (Matt. 9:29) "...thy faith has made thee whole." (Mark 10:52) Most people can accept (have faith in) a fast recovery but don't really believe in instantaneous (miraculous) healing.

With some in the prayer list there is a neutrality; no response whatsoever. This is a standby period; they are not yet ready to move or respond in any way.

Occassionally I perceive an outright rejection that seems to indicate that this individual is attached to the cause of his dis-ease, and does not want to give it up - a means of dependency, status, fear of change - whatever. Some simply fear the Energy because they don't understand it. Some of these who react I have been told to take off the prayer list because their need to reject these healing Energies becomes, for them, an added burden at their particular phase of experiencing. They may be ready later to be returned to the prayer list. For most of these who reject, it becomes OK to keep them on the list and to keep them in the focus of Love, Light and Peace; so that it is there, about them, and may provide some protection or may enter in whenever and to degree they permit it.

When the response in the healing meditation is an attack of negative energies, I am aware of individuals (entities), outside the person on the list, who resent interference with their influences. This may be one or more individuals and they may be in manifest physical existence, or existing entirely in the other realms but affecting the person in this realm; more often, it is both. I have on occassions met these other individuals in the realms of consciousness and have communicated with them concerning their purposes and motivations. I have sometimes asked for evolved Spiritual beings to come and take the "other realm" individual (s) away to where they may be helped - and it then happens that way.

There are other reasons, of course, for removing people from the prayer list. When a person has been restored to harmony, then the channel is no longer needed. If a person is learning to cope within himself, then it is helpful to remove the channel of energies from time to time - so that they may practice their attunement for themselves.The meditation healing channel can become as a crutch that may deter an individual from finding their own strength of attuned realizations.

And there are also other reasons for keeping some people in the meditation, if not specifically on the prayer list. It is a point of communication between spiritual friends, or members of a spiritual family. There is then communications and an exchange of love and support which is at times quite tangible as "presence" or "feeling"; but more often it is occurring beyond conscious recognition. These friends, then, are not separate, neither by time nor space, and can always call on one another at any time - beyond the physical, but also in the physical, if needed. So you see, we are never - need never to feel - alone! That is a warm and wonderful feeling, a true joy in the realized spiritual friendship. I extend that loving relationship to each of you.

William E. Achor
William E. Achor