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September, 1983

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October 12th, 2012
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-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality --

Hello, dear friend:

It has been a long time since I have Sent a message to you, and the S.O.S. mailing list. I apologize for this long gap in my communications. I'm sorry. My personal life is more stabilized once again, and apparently, so are my finances. So now, I expect to be more frequent in my communicating. Although my local activities and personal therapy work has been, and is, very rewarding; I have really missed writing these letters to you, and I have missed your letters to me.

I have learned a great deal during the last one and a half years and I am truly thankful for that. Two of the things I've learned is: how much more there is to learn and understand; and how difficult it can be to consistently live and express that which I do know of spiritual being. I can but do what I admonish others to do: practice the faith and understandings that have been achieved; and at the same time continue to seek greater faith and understanding.

Another lesson area I've had some opportunity to practice on pertains to non-judgment: we are not to judge (condemn) another for the things they do, for the pattern of consciousness that they are. We are to lovingly release each person to experience according to their own consciousness. That in itself is difficult at times. But we are likewise not to condemn our self; and that can be even more difficult. Both require our practice.

Just as difficult, however, is a principle of remaining true to your own understandings, awareness and guidance when the nature of its expression appears to conflict with human concepts of what should be. And, even more difficult: is remaining true to your direction and guidance, and, NOT ATTEMPTING TO JUSTIFY IT IN THE EYES OF OTHERS. NO EGO SATISFACTION!*     There have been times during the last one and a half years when it seemed that it would be much easier and more harmonious, to give in, to capitulate, to the humanly oriented concepts all "what's right". Then, I was given this message in a meditation: "FOLLOWING THE HUMAN CONCEPTS OF WHAT'S RIGHT AND WHAT'S WRONG FOR YOU MAY APPEAR TO BE THE EASIER WAY, BUT IN THE LONG RUN, IT'S THE HARDEST WAY."  "FOLLOWING YOUR SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE OF WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU MAY APPEAR TO BE THE HARDER PATH, BUT IN THE LONG RUN, IT IS THE EASIEST WAY." That message has sustained me many times; through that I could somehow see ahead into the nature of that which would evolved and realize the Truth of the message.

These are some areas of application for the evolving Spiritual awarenesses that I expect to cover more completely in my coming message.

Another significant area of experience has been in dealing with the various "group consciousness" energies - both those of a destructive nature who would impose their will and power, their angers and guilts - and those of the constructive nature who accepts, loves, shares and helps, but does not impose. This, too, I will cover more completely and later messages.

Some of the Spiritual Awarenesses that I would share with you are based in principle of multiple incarnations. The common term "reincarnation" implies many beliefs that do not "fit" from the. So I will soon be presenting my understanding of multiple incarnations. It is not necessary to believe any concept of reincarnation in order to accomplish your purpose for this physical life. Understanding why people have certain problems and experiences, however, can help.

In this, as in all that are present; I offer my Truths, that which I have so far come to understand and believe regarding God, Christ, man, and the inter-relationship and Unity of these in life and beyond life. Not all that I offer will be acceptable to you in your path of evolvement and I respect that. In fact, that is as it should be for each path is unique. You should accept only that which fits your framework of understanding, your path to God. Consider that which others may offer (me included) and respect their Truths; but accept only that which has the "quality" that feels right for you.

I bless you in your living, in your spiritual growth, in finding the joys and harmonies of your True Being, in the satisfactions of knowing and loving your Self, and in the Glory of your own fulfillments.

I love you.
William E. Achor
William E. Achor
Minister,   S.O.S.

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*Some of you may have recognized the "No ego satisfaction" principle as an excerpt of this book. There is some great food for thought in this book.