Forget-me-not When the sun rises in the morning,
And touches your face with the warmth of it's glow!
For it is only a reminder of my love for you.
Forget-me-not in the voices and laughter of those around you.
Forget-me-not when the gentle rains of spring comes,
For I have sent them to refresh your spirit.
Forget-me-not when the day has been long and hard,
For I have been at your side with you.
Forget-me-not when new friends come into your life,
For I send them all to you with my love.
Forget-me-not in the beauty of the colors of the day,
For these things I have painted for your eyes alone.
Forget-me-not in the glorious beauty of nature,
Hear my voice in the songs of the birds.
Forget-me-not as the sun sets and the evening sky unveils the abundant stars of the heavens,
For my love for you is as vast as the sky that your eyes are gazing upon.
Forget-me-not for I will never forget you,
All things, great and small shall always remind me of you.
For I have once dearly loved, is a gift truly unmeasurable.

By Joyce Greig

Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
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