Smell The Flowers, See His Beauty
I need to take a walk
Down these pathways of flowers
Won't you please come along with me
Together we can smell the flowers.
The bright colored array of flowers
Can set our hearts to swirling
Oh, we can but smell the fragrance
We can dance as light heartedly as they!
Look to your right and to your left
The colors that God has used here
To display His natural beauty of flowers
And Let's not forget the glorious butterfly.
All this beauty and color
Is only but a glimpse
Of what lies ahead of us
When we choose The Master's Pathway.
So let's choose, right or left pathways
And if, we only will believe
In His pathway for us, all the way
The wonder and beauty will be there.

It has been such a wondrous walk
We will cross each others pathways again
And each time we do, we will smile
As He smiles down on us for our choices!
Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson

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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson