I'm Choosing Happiness The Peaceful Path
You ask me why I say that I'll tell you now as best I can
It appears to me so many of us are misunderstood in our daily lives
Does that makes us happy I believe not misconceptions keep coming
Being what appears to be a loner is at best misunderstood usually
Does that make us happy in our daily walk for the Lord no it does not
You ask how can we change the misconceptions we cant on our own
It becomes so clear rather quickly that we cant sway others conceptions of us
So many days my heart remains broken from the agony and pain
God says dear one please don't worry and agonize over others views of you
In due time child My  love will enfold you and bring you through
The other side again may have others as seeing you a loner still
As you work through the agony and pain with your focus on me
Others will adventually see and understand the very fact of what you choose
Happiness is an individual definition for all in this world tho that is debatable
Should that concern us no for the Lord created a path for us to walk focused on Him
Well this path can at times be easy if we choose happiness over despair
Will others change their conception of us probably not easily or quickly dear one
Remember always that I enfold you in my arms and carry you in difficult times
Just bless those that persecute or verbally abuse you and send them on their way
For in choosing happiness the peaceful path you can be content at any moment
Is that not what I have been trying to show you by example as I lived here on earth
So in closing our talk here please trust in your choices I've guided you to them
Know that a far better place is waiting for you when I call your name to come home
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
August 10, 2012
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