Tiana Smelling The Lilies

As I bend down the beauty overcomes me
The sound of Gods nature is everywhere
Such a blessed day to start the rest of my life

Kneeling here my thoughts wonder back over
So much has transpired for us all to process
As younger individuals we groped for life

Our Moms and Dads did the best they knew
Fun times did come along and go by the wayside
Lessons were learned easily and hard for us  all

School was good and at times sad to us all
Through it all we found our way to better ways
Now we realize to just keep our focus on the good

As I become a teenager tragedy falls on us now
My dearest family member passes away one day
Our hearts are broken totally to the very core

Getting through these times nearly breaks us all
Somehow my best friend Chrysta Marie and Mom helps
We travel life together as Days pass and the years too

Sanity and peace start to fill our every fiber completely
God has brought all together for a beautiful reason here
Through circumstances I become a part of their loving family

Oh my we do at times have difficulty tho our faith helps
The other side of tragedy unfolds as we bond together
Life starts to blend into a serene and crazy unfolding

Our school days start to make sense and beauty becomes us
This does not mean all before us has been forgotten tho
We've learned to somehow forgive and embrace our very being

Dear Lord this is Tiana thanking you for bringing us all through this
Chrysta Marie and her Mom have been so loving and supportive
Our days have become happy and bonded, thank you Lord

written by God
and Bobbie
March 17, 2012

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