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To My Good Friends Everywhere
July -  - 1977

To my good friends everywhere:

Florida is beautiful.  Of course a lot of places are; but I happen to be here, so this is what I relate to now.  The tropical full moon coming up across a tranquil lake along with the nightly singing of the frogs and peepers is a soul harmonizing experience.  At other times the quantity and brightness of the stars in the clear night sky gives a feeling of  vastness that is awesome and humbling.  We are such a tiny microcosm in the infinity of worlds, galaxies, space and time; yet all of space and  all of time are but one small factor in the infinity of the One Infinite  Being.  In Spirit we each are greater than all of these, for these physical occurrences are creations of God and God gave  us dominion over these.  Whether we know it or not, we continually  exercise that dominion.  To the extent that we let go of our ego, our  ego will, and express the Will of God in our thoughts and activities; to that extent we experience harmony, because that is what we are creating.  That which we give, we shall receive - AS (in like manner: as) we give  it.  The attitudes behind our words and actions determine our experiences.  Our thoughts establish our beliefs, and our beliefs create  our environment and our experiences.  Every environment, every  experience is but an individualized experience in consciousness. 

Consider this: 
If 3 people proceeded down the same street, of the same city, at the same time; they could (would) each have entirely different  experiences.  One may see only dismal buildings, dirty streets, and  pushy, smelly people.  That person may experience revulsion, rejection,  hatred, and misery.  Time will hang on him long and heavy and he may feel a little ill.  The second person may see a harmony of color and  patterns, the friendly and considerate activities of the people.
This  person will experience love and joy and people will be considerate of  him or her.  Time flows smoothly and lightly for this person and he  feels bright and sunny for the love, the spirit, the attitude that he or  she radiates returns manyfold from those met along the way.  The 3rd  person may have had practically no experience at all.  He may have been
so immersed within himself, with his own worries, anxieties, self  concern;  that he is in a mental rut, the deep circular rut of worry  thinking, and very little of him radiates over the rim of his rut, and  very little can be perceived within it.  There are as many variations of  this theme as there are people; for each is different in consciousness.  And it is taking place for you, wherever you are.  WE PERCEIVE (receive  into awareness) ACCORDING TO WHERE WE ARE IN CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is the basis of religions and philosophies which teach that this is  a world of illusions; that reality is only in  consciousness - and it is  true.

So take a look at that which you experience.  If you are having  undesirable experiences with a repetitive pattern in them, see what  attitude in you is creating them.  Then it is very simply a matter of  understanding your error of thinking and PRACTICING a better attitude, a  more harmonious pattern of thoughts, to find a greater awareness of  harmony and joy coming into your experiences as you perceive them.  It's  how you perceive them that counts, for that is your only reality. 

I wish for you:

The warmth of love,
the radiant effervescence of health,
the quiet joy of harmony,
the freedom of attunement (at-one-ment),
and the peace of understanding.

Created in unified collaboration of William E. Achor, Philip Thomas, and Roberta Ann Wilson
and Our Heavenly Father !
October 1st, 2012

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The following is an excerpt from a book called "Melchizedek Truth Principles."
I like it and want to share it with you.

"There is part of the sun in the apple,
Part of the moon in the rose,
Part of the flaming Pleiades...
In everything that grows.

Out of the vast comes nearness,
For the God of Love of which man sings...
Has put a little bit of His Heaven...
Into every living thing."

The enclosed poem is not new, and although many of you have already seen  it;  I felt that it should be included,  for someone out there will be  helped.


We seek to expand, to grow, to scale the heights
of perception,  understanding, and deep insights.

We seek and we strive, we apply all our will.
We struggle and strain, but remain troubled still.

If we could let go and stop fighting the fight.
If we could but accept, that what is, is right. 

The things we experience, the things that we know
Are the fruits of our  thoughts, planted long, long ago.

It is good that we try, it is good that we reach.
Thus we learn from  experience that which it would teach. 

That the soul is free, unencumbered, at peace.
We conjoin our soul as  we learn to release.

And then we shall know and experience grace.
And then we shall know we  are in the right place.

That which we are doing, that which we must be,
Is right for each one,  for you, and for me.

As our lesson is learned, from the path we are on,
We see that it's  right, that which we have named wrong.

Then we let others go, on their path, for their lesson,
With compassion we touch them, release them, and bless them.

We become one with God; All our fears are gone.
Our troubles but  milestones, to be walked upon.

We express love and peace, in all that we do.
And we have God's Grace;  it's in me, and in you.

-- William E. Achor
   Science of Spirituality