My name is "Velcro"
"Love Of My Owner"
As I sit here
In this place of beauty
I look out at you
My love for my owner
I shall try to convey
Back in the winter of 1990
November 19th to be exact
I was going to be left to die
For you see I was a runt of a kitty
They did not want me to live
Enter right came MS Bobbie
She had a passion for the under kitty
Immediately this Chocolate Sealpointe
Siamese kitty won her heart
Oh I was so little and afraid when
MS Bobbie picked me up
I clung to her
Henceforth came my name "Velcro"
Today I am still called that name lovingly
We  started out our life together in Maine
On a little country road we lived
We fell in love
With each other so completely
We have had some problems along the way
I remember my first winter with MS Bobbie
I was so small I would hide in the bureau draws
MS Bobbie would look everywhere for me
Then came my very first field mouse
MS Bobbie was laid up in bed
Church people came to check us 3x a day
I decided to bring MS Bobbie a present in bed,
A field mouse
Oh my, MS Bobbie how she did scream at me
You better not bring that thing into my bed
Guess what, I wanted a home, so I didn't
Then MS Bobbie loved me again
These were the days of much crying
Oh, how I felt MS Bobbie's pain
As the tears rolled down her cheeks
I would snuggle up as close as I could get
Then I would reach my paw up and wipe
The tears away from MS Bobbie's face
Those days we drew strength
From each other
We came through it all
Loving one another
Our devotion for each other grew
Then came March 1992
MS Bobbie traveled to Florida
To look for a new home for us
MS Bobbie found a beautiful
2 Bedroom cement block home
So in Auburndale we do now live
We sit and watch the sunsets on Lake Leana
And just feel the peace and warmth of nature
MS Bobbie is so grateful
God brought us together
We still have moments of udder despair
But through it all God holds us up
So til the end, when God so chooses
MS Bobbie and I will survive
But how I pray God will hear
MS Bobbie's plea
Please dear God
Bring MS Bobbie a loving Christian man
Then we all can live together
Until the end when you, God shall
Bring one of us home up to
Heaven with you ! !
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Created by God
and Bobbie Wilson
July 20, 2001