Wasted Moments !
Well wasted moments just fleet on by
Wonder why after all this time of learning
Why Do we so often accept wasted moments What does that mean to each of us
Our whole lives we developed our character
For some that means endearing caring for others
Each word used to describe our thoughts differ
Hey this is often good and again bad for all
As relationships develop for each of us
Different aspects come into play individually
I believe at any age different words and ways
For those who think they fall in love this is hard
In our Golden Years each could be more needy
It is still true to this day the most needy one
Guess what happens as they fall for a special person
More often then not the other person seems good
Sure granted they are good but at a different level
But often as Golden years fleet by some old ways
Such as seeing and hearing only what we need
That leaves a chasm of depth to fall into and off of
Leaving gender out of this should be done lovingly
For women and men can both be deeply hurt daily
That should not stop us from loving another dearly
Just when your heart breaks in two trust and pray
I know firsthand for a special person broke my heart
Would I change falling in love over again to them no
Different conceptions develop in each innocently
When does reality start to hit us not soon enough
What I would like to know where does it say this fact
I want to be friends with everyone should I not be
For me when I am excluded publicly with this person
Something is terribly wrong guess old thinking ways
So to you and you know who you are this I say 
Don't come knocking at my door anymore
You hurt me through and through acting this way
All the time I believed your respectful advances
Truth be told you were leading me on now I know
I could get angry at myself for  I deserve better
I turn to God for everlasting strength and help
He never lets me down corrects me lovingly
At least now the pain of watching you with all others
Eating and going out all kinds of places in front of me
Can start to heal and I can move on knowing this fact
God does not make junk I enabled you to do that
Guess what you loose out I won't fall all over you again
Enjoy your choices since I was too faithful believing
Oh yes you say I was to different from you too
Then why did you come around caring for me
You stomped all over my love and life cunningly
That's all over now smooth one I woke up finally
So to you I say farewell adios don't come back
Pick another innocent individual to take for a ride
So I say to all you unsuspecting Individuals out there
Beware of letting your heart fall for a smooth person
Our Golden Years are so precious don't waste them
Time is to short and we can live happily by ourselves
I've learned to not allow Wasted Moments in my life
For our lives are way to precious to God He Loves us
He wants us to live life abundantly every moment
So we cant allow anymore Wasted Moments

Written by God
and Bobbie Wilson
March 24, 2013
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