Yard Work Before Winter Sets In !
Well yesterday I looked out my front picture window !  Guess my thoughts said time to trim and get ready for the winter season that is heading our way !

I started with trimming the wild rose bushes near the stockade fence. They were cut into small pieces so they would fit in the wheel barrow.

Looked around and decided to trim bottom limbs on the fir tree.  Wow, things look so much better when trimmed.

Just down the hill was the forsythias bush that got trimmed, and adjacent to it a snowball bush. Now I wish I had a few large rocks to place near the bushes to sort of landscape it.

Well, by the time I had cut and hauled all that to the brush pile in the back yard , it was time for me to rest for I had been working a good two and a half hours. Job well done I thought.

Tomorrow will be another good day to work in the yard and finish the scraggly bushes that need it.

Till we meet again on my new found tablet, may God Richly Bless you all  ! !  !

In His Love and Mine, MS Bobbie
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October 9, 2011